Marine Life

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Mediterranean Sea

52m 19s

The astoundingly beautiful documentary with impressive images shot in 4K that takes audiences on the most wonderful voyage down the Mediterranean Sea. Discover our world's natural treasures from up close as you have never seen before, the fishes, the corals and the magical sceneries that lie under water for us to preserve.

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Sidney's Aquarium

9m 47s

Sydney Aquarium is a well known attraction of tourists and locals. Home to more than six thousand species it's a fabulous way to spend a few hours in the harbour city.

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Cairns - Healthy Reef

23m 32s

The Great Barrier Reef: In the aftermath of a mass bleaching of coral, Greg Grainger takes a series of dives along the northern sections of the Reef to find it has come back to life with a vengeance. Also a drive with Billy Tea Safaris through the Daintree Rainforest out to Cape Tribulation. Crocs, cassowarries and a cuppa.

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11m 17s

The oceans around the coast of Australia are the perfect playground for many happy dolphins. This film shows interaction between these intelligent creatures and humans.

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The Blue Realm - Lions of the Deep

44m 41s

Since the 1970's, sea lion populations have declined more than 80% along the North Pacific coast. Scientists at the University of British Columbia and the Vancouver Aquarium are working together to help save Canada’s iconic and largest pinniped – the stellar sea lion. To help understand why their numbers are dropping, researchers work with the highly intelligent mammals at a unique floating laboratory.

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The Blue Realm - Shark Divers

50m 01s

Sharks are BIG business in adrenaline eco-tourism. And some thrill seekers deliberately pursue close encounters with deadly sharks – without the protection of a cage. The bigger and more dangerous the shark, the better.

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The Blue Realm - Deep White

44m 28s

Believe it or not, many scuba divers want to see great whites up close, and photographers want dramatic shots. But how do you get the sharks to where you want them? For decades, it's been done by baiting, or “chumming” – attracting sharks with food. This practice is being questioned and banned in many countries because of a dramatic increase in shark attacks.

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The Blue Realm - Miracle Venom

47m 00s

Miracle Venom explores the strange, and often bizarre world of the oceans most venomous animals. Follow Dr. Glen Burns as he handles deadly Sea Snakes with only his bare hands. You'll be amazed at how a small Cone Snail hunts, paralyses and then eats it's prey alive. The waters of Papua New Guinea and Australia's Great Barrier Reef harbour an exceptional variety of venomous fish and invertebrates.The poisons of these animals are some of the most lethal known to man.

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The Blue Realm - Manatees and Dugongs

46m 00s

Each year, hundreds of critically endangered manatees are killed in U.S. waters by boats, disease and cold weather. 2006 was the worst year on record for manatee deaths – 416 animals perished. With only a few thousand remaining in the wild, mostly in heavily developed Florida wetlands, the clock is ticking in efforts to save this amazing mammal from extinction.

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The Blue Realm - Shark Nation

44m 44s

There's no doubt sharks have an image problem. And they're certainly in trouble globally. The population of some species has declined by more than 90% due to over fishing. But there's still one place in the world where sharks thrive – the Bahamas. Sharks not only prosper there, they are highly protected. It’s illegal to kill them.

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The Blue Realm - Giants of San Benedicto

46m 59s

Giants of San Benedicto features Dr. Robert Rubin and his ground-breaking research of giant Mantas. You'll travel to the remote Socorro Islands off Mexico's Pacific coast and see breath-taking encounters with enormous manta rays. You're sure to love these majestic giants as you see how they invite human contact, and encourage certain divers to ride them. The film crew also travels to the Bahamas to visit 'Bubbles', a fifteen foot Manta in the worlds largest aquarium.

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The Blue Realm - Humpbacks: From Tonga to Antarctica

45m 59s

Singing louder than any animal on earth, humpback whales are famous for their haunting songs and jaw-dropping acrobatics. They were hunted to the brink of extinction until a moratorium on killing them was implemented in the 1960s. But after finally rebounding in numbers, whaling nations are exploring ways to re-open the hunt. In Antarctica, Japan is targeting minke, fin, and now... humpbacks. The tiny island nation of Tonga in the remote South Pacific is a haven for the magnificent mammals.

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Ice Trap

1h 50m

This voyage to the centre of the ice is the breath-taking tale of a polar scuba diving expedition in Greenland. August 2012. It’s the end of the Arctic summer. Two adventurers are drifting in their sea kayaks among gigantic blocks of ice carried south by the East Greenland Current. They intend to travel between the only two communities on one of the world’s wildest coastlines. Ittoqqortoormiit is the starting point of an intense 1000-kilometer-long human adventure!

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The Blue Realm - Whale Sharks: Gentle Giants

50m 00s

They’re not whales at all, but by far the largest fish in the sea. Yet at nearly 50 feet in length and weighing 20 tons or more, they eat only the smallest marine animals. They are not a threat to humans, but their numbers are dramatically shrinking. Like elephants slaughtered for their ivory tusks, whale sharks are relentlessly pursued by poachers. From Africa to Asia, they are targeted for their meat and immense fins.

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The Blue Realm - Shark Business

47m 01s

Shark Business unravels some of the mysteries surrounding sharks with controversial behaviorist Dr. Erich Ritter. You'll witness divers testing the limits of shark-human interaction outside of cages with dangerous sharks such as lemon, bull and even great white sharks!

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The Blue Realm - Reefs of Steel

44m 52s

Around the globe, thousands of decommissioned naval vessels rot in dockyards. What can you do with these toxic time bombs? One solution is to clean them well, blow them up and sink them! Providing shelter and breeding grounds, countless fish and invertebrates colonize steel hulls.

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The Blue Realm - Tentacles

47m 00s

Tentacles follows Dr. Jennifer Mather as she leads a team of renowned scientists to the beautiful Caribbean island of Bonaire. Their mission is to prove a controversial theory: reef squid speak to each other with a complex language they paint on their skin. The episode features the bizarre courtship and never-before-filmed egg-laying rituals of reef squid. Travel to the Pacific Northwest for an encounter with the world's largest Octopus.

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The Blue Realm - Toxic Invaders

44m 38s

They’re beautiful - and deadly, with venomous spines that resemble a lion's mane. They’re lionfish, a tropical reef species normally found in the Indo-Pacific. Now, they’re wreaking havoc in the Caribbean and Atlantic – all thought to have descended from a handful of aquarium fish carelessly released into the sea. In these regions, they are potentially a greater threat to coral reefs and commercial fish populations than global warming or pollution.

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Lionfish - New Pirates of the Caribbean

52m 00s

The Red Lionfish is by far the coolest fish on the block: armed with eighteen venomous spines, he hunts, invisible to its prey, in packs. He has grand ambitions, too, spreading to new and unprepared waters: the Atlantic Ocean. The film sheds light on stunning abilities that let the lionfish conquer foreign waters, and by doing so threaten entire ecosystems. With stunning visual, high-speed footage, the film tells a suspenseful story, spanning over three continents and two oceans.

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Adopted by Dolphins - Flipper's Family Secrets

52m 23s

Adopted by Dolphins' follows a group of researchers who are accepted as companions by bottlenose dolphins in the Red Sea. A group of divers and marine biologists accompany up to 100 wild dolphins for days and for the very first time watch their behaviour from a dolphin’s perspective. Willingly, the animals expose their social behaviour and games, their exciting love life and even the use of medical substances provided by corals. This is a capturing story of love, war and drama.

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Blue World - Season 4, Episode 403

28m 00s

On a trip to Hawaii, Jonathan meets the critically endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal, then he travels to Bonaire to dive with a group of wounded veterans learning to dive. Finally, he participates in a fish census in Massachusetts.

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Blue World - Season 4, Episode 410

27m 12s

Jonathan joins a team of underwater archaeologists on a project to excavate the remains of Blackbeard the Pirate's ship. Then he travels to Hawaii to meet Manta rays that feed in divers’ lights at night.

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Blue World - Season 4, Episode 411

26m 50s

Jonathan travels from the St. Lawrence river to the Caribbean, looking at invasive species and their effect on the environment. Then he explores 1000 feet down in a special submarine and meets an astonishing variety of deep sea animals.

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