Special Forces

United Nations: Last Station Before Hell

56m 50s

The United Nations celebrates its 70th anniversary in the fall of 2015. Among other innovations, members of the UN devised the novel concept of “soldiers for peace.” But can peace be enforced militarily? The original mission of the United Nations was to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war by maintaining peace and security between states. Now that terrorists and internal conflicts strike far more frequently than traditional inter-state wars, what does international security mean?

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My War

1h 37m

Attention shocking documentary! My War tells the daily life of Westerners who joined the Kurdish forces to fight Daesh in Syria. Need Glory? Adrenaline? Why leave a peaceful life to go to hell?

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The Horse Guard of the Sultan of Oman

53m 31s

This is an insight to the cavalry’s stables counting 1 250 horses and 350 Horsemen. In the home of the Arab Horse, you can also count diverse breeds such as Shires, Frisians and many other English and German horses. Each one plays a specific role from escorting to parade, everyone has it’s particularities and needs a special care. Follow Jamal, young horsemen who joined the Royal cavalry of the Oman Sultan for the love of his nation and of the Arab Horse.

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Qatar's Horse Guard

56m 32s

In 2009, the Emir of Qatar decided to create a mounted guard on horseback. Training 15 young soldiers in record time, with some of whom never having been near a horse, is a real challenge. Thierry Delavaud, former commander of the French Republican Guard, was entrusted with this mission. A human, equestrian and linguistic adventure.

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Prison Dogs

1h 11m

A groundbreaking program allows prison inmates to care for and train puppies as service dogs for injured veterans.

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Britain's Ultimate Pilots: Inside the RAF - Episode 1

58m 04s

When all other RAF squadrons are forced to turn back due to bad weather, will the iconic Red Arrows make it through to the Queen's birthday flypast? Meanwhile a nervous dye team watch during their lunch break, waiting for the smoke to turn into the vivid red, white and blue that the squad is known for.

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