Weapons & Tactics


Worlds Greatest Warplanes

1h 11m

From the very beginning, aviation's pioneers believed that the aircraft's future lay in its military uses. That was where the money lay and so that was where the pioneers pitched their products. The problem was that their designs could barely carry a man more than a few yards and so many military commanders were sceptical about aviation's real potential as a weapon of war. But, by 1918, aviation had proved itself and all countries has burgeoning air forces.

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Worlds Greatest Airshows

1h 00m

From the very first air show held at Rheims, France in 1909 air shows have been the subject of countless numbers of films. This documentary features the displays that have made air shows so successful and memorable.

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Maritime Fortresses, the Last Defense Walls

55m 16s

They stand watch along the French coast like guardians of the seas from an ancient time. Like the castles that punctuate the territory, the naval forts are the clearly visible vestiges of a time when France had to protect itself from foreign invasions...

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History of Tanks

51m 22s

Documenting the changing face of tank warfare over the past 100 years, this fascinating documentary is not to be missed by those with an interest in military history and weapon development.

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Cold War Secrets: Stealing the Atomic Bomb

52m 29s

On the 29th of August 1949, the USSR set off their first atomic bomb, just four years after the Americans. The speed with which they achieved this surprised the world. What nobody knew was that it was the result of espionage implemented at the heart of the United States. Stalin was able to obtain all the nuclear discoveries made by scientists who worked on the famous Manhattan Plan. At the centre of the operation was a very unusual female spy, Elizabeth Zaroubin.

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Imminent Threat

57m 40s

Academy Award nominee James Cromwell presents a documentary on the War on Terror’s impact on civil liberties. For the past 15 years, the phrase ‘War on Terror’ has been used to justify everything from mass surveillance and spying to the use of drones to kill suspected terrorists without evidence or trial.

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