We will remember them


Kokoda The Spirit Lives

1h 34m

A feature-length documentary, walking in the footsteps of the “Diggers”, who in 1942, against all odds, preserved Australia’s freedom. A stunningly filmed, modern telling of the Kokoda story and its significance in the Pacific War. An exploration of the enduring spirit that sustained the Kokoda “Diggers” and which still inspires Australians today. A commemoration of the campaign’s 75th anniversary of the Kokoda Campaign and the significant battles fought in Papua New Guinea.

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The Perseus Survivor

54m 46s

The documentary drama tells the story of the only man who survived the wreckage of the World War II Submarine HMS Perseus, which sank unnoticed in 1941. With the help of a team of historians, famous underwater wrecks researcher, writer and professional diver Richie Kohler tries to understand why a simple submariner got involved in the transportation of a secret cargo as part of the high-end spy games between the Axis and the Alliance.

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Black Sunday

42m 08s

A detailed report of the Holocaust in Romania. During World War II, two trains were loaded with Jews. Where they will be taken? To their deaths. Four survivors of Romanian Holocaust tell us what happened in Iasi during the Pogrom, a horror which took place on June 29, 1941. Over 13,000 people died in that single day, a day which has become known as Black Sunday in remembrance of those who lost their lives.

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ANZAC Battlefields - The Western Front - Season 1 Episode 1 - Whitsunday Islands

25m 59s

Where is the Western Front? Why did two vast armies dig in, extending lines of trenches from the Channel ports almost to the Alps? All of this happened in the first weeks of the war so that by mid-September the German attack had faltered on the Marne and the situation became stalemated. This is the battlefield that the ANZACS, withdrawn from Gallipoli, entered at the beginning of 1916.

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ANZAC Battlefields - The Western Front - Season 1 Episode 2 - Tropical North

26m 32s

Industrial warfare at its most terrifying, gas, tanks, machine guns, barbed wire, the ANZACS find themselves fully acquainted with the texture of war on the Western Front in a series of murderous battles at Pozières where the Australians lose 12,000 men. At Flers in the battle of the Somme the New Zealanders experience great success advancing 2.5 kilometres but the price was high the loss of 2,000 casualties.

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ANZAC Battlefields - The Western Front - Season 1 Episode 4 - Gold Coast

26m 41s

One of the most notorious killing fields of WWI - Passchendaele. We walk where the battalions fought and where the artillery sank in liquid mud. In the midst of the battle one of Australia’s greatest soldiers, then Lieutenant Colonel Leslie Morshead, wrote "things are bloody, very bloody". The losses were enormous - on October 12th the New Zealand Division lost 2,800 men, the bloodiest day in that country’s military history.

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ANZAC Battlefields - The Western Front - Season 1 Episode 5 - Brisbane

26m 35s

The German’s launched the massive Operation Michael on an 80 kilometre front on March 21st 1918, the greatest offensive of the war. We hear stories of desperate defence and the crumbling of the Allied line, we meet great characters like New Zealand’s most famous soldier Richard Travis, the unorthodox "king of no-man’s land". And we reach what is, for many, the defining moment in Australia’s war: Villers-Bretonneux.

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46m 28s

On the 8th June 1982, at the height of the Falklands War, 53 men lost their lives and hundreds were injured in Argentine air attacks on British ships Sir Galahad and Sir Tristram. 32 of those men were Welsh Guards - some of them no more than boys.

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Lest We Forget What?

57m 03s

Lest we forget what on Anzac Day? Mythology? Or history? Kate Aubusson goes on a quest asking is it just sepia-tinted anecdotes of ANZAC spirit and derring-do or the real stories of ANZACS and WW1 based on fact and evidence?

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The Search For USS Lagarto

55m 42s

A fierce WWII battle at sea, unreported for more than 60 years is revealed at the bottom of the Gulf of Thailand in HD underwater video. There lay the US submarine Lagarto and the remains of her 86 crewmen, whose families share how their husbands and fathers' disappearance shaped their lives.

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