Women who made History


Mata Hari: The Naked Spy

1h 18m

A hundred years ago, Mata Hari faced the firing squad as a convicted German spy. Was she a dangerous spy, whose boldness and sexuality threatened the establishment, or a victim entangled in a climate of blame and desperation as WWI dragged on? How much of what we know about her is just myth? New documents reveal startling truths about her life.

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Women who made History | Episode 2 | Jeanne D'Arc

50m 40s

The first woman who made history in Western civilisation, who believed she had a divine mission and saved France during the dark days of the Hundred Years War, was a girl from a simple background who defied all the institutions of the day. Her victories enabled the dauphin to be crowned Charles VII of France in the cathedral at Reims, but in the end she was charged with heresy and burned at the stake... still just 19 years of age.

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Women who made History | Episode 6 | Sophie Scholl

51m 23s

Sophie Scholl has gone down in history because she took a stand against injustice, virtually ignored by the world at large, and paid the ultimate price for her principles. She is now one of the most popular figures of German resistance against Hitler.. Photographs show her as a 20-year-old girl; knowing that she was interrogated, tried and executed simply for speaking out about the injustices of the Nazi regime has helped make her part of the collective memory of the German nation.

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Women who made History | Elizabeth I

48m 46s

In an era dominated by men, Queen Elizabeth I was the only woman. She ruled England for 45 years, laying the foundation for the British Empire, and when she died in 1603 she gave her name to an entire epoch: the Elizabethan Age.

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Viking Women - Part 1 - Sigrun's Wrath and the Discovery of Iceland

52m 00s

Norway in the year 872. Sigrun could be a happy woman. As husfreya (housewife) she presides over an impressive Viking household on the coast, she has lots of children, her husband Ulf commands his own ship. Yet Sigrun’s marriage is an unhappy one. The family is burdened by a dark secret: her husband stole her away from her home settlement during a raid when she was a young girl, killing her father and brother.

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Viking Women - Part 2 - Jovas Heritage and the Downfall of Haithabu

52m 07s

Denmark in the year 1064. Jova lives as a servant in the household of the merchant Ottar, who runs his business in the town of Haithabu. One day she finds out that her father was a renowned warrior who set out to the east shortly after her birth and didn’t come back. From then on Jova only has one thing on her mind: finding her father.

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The Lady of Cao

51m 47s

The Lady of Cao is the first female ruler of pre-Columbian Peru to be discovered. She is believed to have governed in the Chicama valley, very close to the city of Trujillo, about 1700 years ago. The discovery of her tomb in 2006 was a major breakthrough in all previous theories about the Moche civilization. Through historical recreations, we will learn how the Moche society of the area was like and the importance of this mysterious tattooed mommy in her times.

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Joan of Arc - Her Faith, Her Fight

52m 14s

2012 marked the 600th anniversary of the birth of Joan of Arc. A peasant girl born in eastern France and who claimed divine guidance, she led the French army to several important victories during the Hundred Years' War, which paved the way for the coronation of Charles VII. Twenty-five years later, Pope Callixtus III, pronounced her innocent and declared her a martyr. Joan of Arc was canonized in 1920.

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