Women rights


The Silence of Women

30m 04s

The documentary covers the subject of rape. In their testimonies, the victims describe all the traumas that have to be overcome in such cases, from the initial violence, to the difficulty of obtaining justice, to the very long time that is needed to process such a traumatic experience.

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Abyss of Love

27m 47s

Violence against women is the topic of the day. Often reporting the crime and sentences are not enough to avoid tragedy. And so one asks, what should be done in such situations? Who can intervene? How?

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Code - Debugging the Gender Gap

1h 18m

At a time when jobs in the tech sector are outpacing growth in all other sectors, where are all the women? Some of the most important pioneer coders were women but today, only 15% of software engineers in Silicon Valley are. This lack of diversity can have serious consequences – as was the case with airbags, designed by and modelled on men and often fatal to women, whose smaller size wasn’t taken into account.

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Girls of Paadhai

55m 17s

In Southern India, many women must endure early marriage. The refuge charity Paadhai shelters the children and adolescents who are trying to escape this fate. Twenty-year-old Amulpriya’s mother was married at an early age to a man who turned out to be unable to provide for her or her family. Now after decades of poverty, she wants her daughter to follow the same path – early marriage.

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Live your life

51m 48s

Eugénie, Melissa, Alicia, Laura, Sarah or Caroline live in France, Canada and the United States....They were 15, 17 or 20 years old, when they discovered that they were pregnant.They share a common fate: they had an abortion and made the choice to continue to live their lives despite what people said when they decided to terminate their pregnancy. Despite the difficulty of getting an appointment or finding a clinic. Despite the silence and the taboo.

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Exploitation Hotel: The Kellys

54m 59s

More than 200.000 women work as cleaning ladies in Spain, but they are as fundamental as they are invisible in the hospitality industry. In October 2016, the Kellys (las que limpian in Spanish) decided to get organized to fight for their rights. They have been victims of outsourcing and many of them have lost their jobs in the hotels, without any rights and vulnerable to being fired when they get medical leaves.

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