Criminal Underworld

The Viganello Killer

53m 12s

What does a hitman from the ‘Ndràngheta, the powerful Calabrese mafia in Switzerland, really do? The mass murderer is said to have earned 45 million euros from his base in Lugano. Properties, companies and, above all, a dense network of accomplices. The documentary has gone on the hunt and reconstructed his every move in Switzerland.

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Baby Boss: Italy's new Face of Terror

52m 22s

After the arrests of the Mafia godfathers during the early 2000s, Italy hoped that it had finally put an end to organized crime. Instead, some of the notorious mafia old guard have been replaced by a young generation of mobsters, known as the ‘Baby Mafia’. Led by reckless adolescents known as the ‘Baby Bosses’, the majority of these gangs can be found in Naples, home to hundreds of Camorra clans. Drug trafficking, thefts, extortion and racketeering run rife throughout the city.

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Favela Frontlines

50m 26s

In this war, there are no winners. Through personal stories from people on both sides of the conflict and powerful footage, FAVELA FRONTLINES takes you straight to the heart of the battle between police and drug traffickers in Brazil. On average, one policeman is killed every two days. There are 60,000 homicides every year. Interspersed with the stories are interviews with judges, journalists, slum residents and historians.

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Satudarah: One Blood

54m 57s

The notorious Satudarah are the Netherlands' most violent and feared biker gang. Founded in Moordrecht in 1990, the gang has grown from humble roots into an international conglomerate, linked with worldwide drug trafficking, extortion and murder. This fascinating documentary drives right to the heart of this secret criminal underworld, exposing the strict rituals and traditions that govern this most violent of brotherhoods.

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The Devil's Lair

52m 00s

Braaim, a murder convict, gang leader and drug merchant lies in bed, his young daughter on his knee and a bullet in his side. Desperate to protect his wife and family but beholden to his gang, Braaim has discovered it isn't easy to walk away from a life of crime. Can one last hit job release them all from this seedy world, or will it be the end of the road? A dangerous and terrible insight into the criminal underworld of South Africa's Cape Flats.

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51m 40s

The Cidade de Deus, or City of God, has never had anything biblical about it apart from its name. The history of this favela in Rio de Janero has been marked by violence, poverty and drugs trafficking. In 2002, the eponymous film made it the best known favela in the world. But over the last 4 years, the City of God has been undergoing a minor revolution.

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Dangerous Cities: Chihuahua

54m 08s

'Dangerous cities' is a fascinating and terrifying look at some of the world's most dangerous places to live. We travel to the most notorious cities on the planet to meet ordinary inhabitants and see their everyday struggles. But in the middle of all the chaos, there is often a glimmer of hope; those few who continue to love their cities and are valiantly trying to save them. This episode goes to the the Mexican border city of Chihuahua, under the control of the Sinaloa cartel.

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1h 39m

Rusty Young, author of best-seller Marching Powder, returns to Bolivia to uncover the brutal realities of the cocaine trade. His investigation sees him cross paths with notorious assassins and traffickers, as well as the undercover informants fighting them. What emerges is a world driven by addiction: to the drug, to the game, to the chase. This enthralling and shocking exposé lays bare the inner workings of the war on drugs.

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The Godfather

1h 02m

It has been 10 years since Antonino Belnome, 38-year-old Godfather and killer of the 'Ndrangheta, the bloody and powerful Calabrian mafia, changed his life becoming a collaborator of justice. With his testimonies he revealed unsolved crimes, buried corpses, dirty deals between weapons, drugs and corruption in the rich Northern Italy.

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Traces of Drugs

47m 40s

What are the most widely used illegal drugs? And what quantities are in circulation? We first asked the police and prosecution service, then extended our investigation to drug dealers! To our surprise, some of them were willing to tell us how they organized their business, how much they sold, and to whom. We followed a number of police operations and went into flats where we saw impressive quantities of the stuff.

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The Cleaner

50m 54s

Donovan Tavera is a crime scene cleaner in Mexico City. Between the world of the living and the world of the dead, he tries to maintain a stable family life and a healthy mind.

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