Death in León Episode One: 3 minutes

1h 01m

Leon, 12th of May 2014. Isabel Carrasco, the president of the provincial government of Leon, is murdered in broad daylight in the centre of Leon. Feared and hated for her autocratic rule, many people wanted her dead. Two women were quickly arrested, mother and a daughter, Montserrat González and Triana Martínez. The following day a local policewoman, Raquel Gago, handed in the murder weapon and she too was arrested. All three women were charged with the murder of Isabel Carrasco.

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Death in León Episode Two: 7 years

1h 06m

Seven years before the crime, Isabel Carrasco comes to power in León. At the same time, Triana Martínez, a young telecommunications engineer, started work in the provincial council. The relationship between the two is very good until one day, all of a sudden, everything changes. In the trial, Triana reveals the reason for the fall out: she rejected Isabel’s sexual advances. Triana loses her job in the council. Isabel uses her influence to damage her career for years.

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Stranger than Fiction: the Nanny Killers

54m 33s

The murder of French au-pair Sophie Lionnet by her employers made headlines all over the world. From the horrible circumstances of her death, to the obsession of her killer with a pop-star ex-boyfriend and their crazy delusions of celebrity paedophile rings, it was a case that seemed too unbelievable to be true. It all began in Wimbledon, London, when a neighbour noticed black smoke coming out of a garden and called the fireman.

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Serial Killers | Spahalski

56m 45s

After 15 yeas on the run, repeatedly escaping justice, Robert Spahalski does something completely unexpected – he hands himself in and admits to five unsolved murders which have perplexed the police for years. The victims were acquaintances, close friends even lovers of Spahalski, but why did he kill them?

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Serial Killers: Bernard Giles

55m 01s

The seventies seemed like an uncomplicated time of hippies and peace and love. Murders were rarely heard of, hitch hiking was common practice and seemingly risk free. Until a certain man took note of this, seeing these young girls as easy victims. To everyone who knew him, Bernard Giles seemed like a caring, friendly family man. But he repeatedly picking up female hitchhikers, driving them to the same wooded area and shooting them.

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Daphne, a pen too sharp

45m 20s

On 16th October 2017, Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia was assassinated in a car bomb attack close to her home. Her career focused on investigative reporting into government corruption and money laundering, and all of her findings were published on her personal blog Running Commentary. Attracting over 400,000 views per day, her blog was read more than all of the country’s newspapers combined. But with these high-profile revelations came relentless harassment and intimidation.

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Everything's Better than a Hooker

55m 50s

Eva-Maree Kullander Smith was 27 when she was murdered by the father of her children during a supervised visit arranged by social services. Previously, despite his violent past, he was awarded sole custody after social services learnt that she had previously worked as an escort. Determined to win them back, Eva-Maree became a campaigner for sex workers’ rights, challenging Sweden’s policies and attitudes towards prostitution.

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