Resistencia: the fight for the Aguan Valley

1h 31m

In 2009, the first coup d'etat in a generation in Central America overthrows the elected president of Honduras. A nation-wide movement, known simply as The Resistance, rises in opposition. Resistencia: The Fight for the Aguan Valley centers on the most daring wing of the movement, the farmers of the Aguan.

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The Return to Homs

1h 30m

A look behind the barricades of the besieged city of Homs, where for nineteen-year-old Basset and his ragtag group of comrades, the audacious hope of revolution is crumbling like the buildings around them.

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Fight Hate With Love

51m 55s

Michael Ta’Bon spent 15 years in prison, where he promised himself that one day he would start a movement to prevent young people from repeating his mistakes. Now married and with two kids, his fierce commitment to community activism may ultimately cost him his family.

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1h 12m

What remains of a life of struggles?As the disappearance of their small religious community looms, the Helper Nuns of Quebec are preparing to bequeath what's most their precious to them: years of campaigning for women’s rights, social justice and international solidarity. Between apprehension about death, outbursts of laughter and meals washed down with wine, these dignified free-sprited women live the meaning of sisterhood to the full. Until the very end.

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Around Them

52m 02s

A woman travels around the world to talk to 15 women from 15 different countries, and they tell her their opinion about topics of general interest such as love, religion, pride of belonging to their country and the situation of women in the place where they live.

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Out Run

1h 14m

Mobilizing working-class transgender hairdressers and beauty queens, the dynamic leaders of the world's only LGBT political party wage a historic quest to elect a trans woman to the Philippine Congress.

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