47 Below

50m 57s

47 Below is the astonishing true story of how one Australian (Geoff Wilson) boldly embarked on a solo, unsupported crossing of Antarctica. The experts gave him no chance of success – all saying that it was an impossible challenge for a rookie adventurer.

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Nicole Kidman

52m 47s

Since her first major role in BMX Bandits, Nicole Kidman has come a long way. Capturing the hearts of audiences and major Hollywood stars alike, this beautiful, talented redhead has emerged from personal turmoil as an enduring, graceful icon of the silver screen and beyond.

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Rip Current Heroes

49m 41s

Rip currents can be found on any beach that has waves breaking across a surf zone. On average they cause more deaths in Australia per year then cyclones, floods and sharks combined, and are responsible for most beach rescues.

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ANZACS, in the face of war

51m 58s

ANZACS In the Face of War' presents a cultural snapshot of of Australia and New Zealand at the outbreak of war. The legacy of WWI the shared experiences and expectations of WWII. Including ANZAC history/background; portrait of a Nation; mobilisation and defence, under attack, relief in sight and presents Heroes in focus.

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The Bilby

26m 10s

Efforts to save this delightful endangered species of bandicoots, Sydney City to Surf fun run with the Two Tims, Canberra by bike: National Portrait Gallery, the Stromlo sporting complex and a Family of swans under the gaze of Federal Parliament.

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Changed Forever Episode 1

1h 17m

It is 1914 and the world is at peace; Australia, a federal commonwealth for little more than a decade and with a population of less than five million, is blissfully unaware of the tensions in Europe that will soon tear the peace to shreds and change the world.

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Bondi Forever

1h 43m

Bondi Forever is an entertaining and engaging journey from Bondi Beach’s past to its present, exploring the emergence of Bondi from a tranquil beachside suburb to one of the most recognised places on earth. Full of colourful characters and rich history, Bondi is no ordinary beach; over the years it has shaped Australia’s lifestyle, its culture and the way Australia is viewed as a nation throughout the world.

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Changed Forever Episode 2

1h 18m

When the war ends in November 1918 those people whose lives we’ve followed for the four war years return home and we begin to understand the incredible influence they will have on the shape of Australia’s future.

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Monsieur Mayonnaise

58m 01s

Australian artist and film-maker, Philippe Mora, investigates his father’s clandestine role in the French Résistance in WWII and his mother’s miraculous escape en route to Auschwitz. Philippe, a Hollywood cult-horror movie director and pop-artist, adopts a Film Noir persona to tell his family’s story.

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Zumbo - Summer Love

26m 32s

Four times a year, Adriano releases a new range of desserts. This will involve the creation of six new desserts and a range of scrumptious chocolates and pastries. The days leading up to the launch will be long and stressful. Adriano will spend night after night experimenting with taste and texture: Has he got the flavour, right? Is the architecture solid? It’s a process of trial and error, and it all starts with one simple idea.

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Zumbo - The Stacey Cake

25m 17s

Adriano met Stacey in 2009. She wrote him a simple letter asking if she could make him a cake to distract her from the chemo she was going through. As soon as Adriano received the letter, he flew to Stacey’s home and spent two days cooking with her – it was the start of an enduring friendship.

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Zumbo - Doing It for The Staff

26m 34s

Each staff member, from the most experienced to the youngest apprentice, will be given two weeks (or similar) to create an original dessert or cake for inclusion in the range. Every dessert must tell a story. Each creation will be presented to Adriano for judging. He’ll tell each staff member what’s right and wrong with each desert and help them to finesse it. But unless the dessert meets Adriano’s exacting standards, it won’t be sold. It will go in the bin. Who will surprise?

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Zumbo - Adriano Goes Home

25m 05s

Adriano grew up in country NSW and going home to Coonamble is all about re-tracing his family roots. It’s been five long years since Adriano’s been home and everyone is in for a big surprise. While he’s there, he’ll stay with his mum and dad, Nancy and Frank; we’ll also meet some of his friends and family. And let’s not forget the two-kitchen staff Adriano’s dragged along to help. How will Stacey and Alessia cope with the Zumbo clan? They’ll be lucky to get a word in…

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Zumbo - Searching for Mini Me

25m 09s

Adriano runs evening cooking classes throughout the year. They’ve always been successful, but he wants to try something new. So, he’s decided to launch a new series of cooking classes just for kids. The aim is to find aspiring young chefs and teach them how to make simple, mouth-watering desserts for the family. Adriano already has his own mini-me sous-chef: 11-year-old Emily works in The Lab after school two days a week.

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Zumbo - The Golden Macaron

25m 52s

This episode will follow Adriano every step of the way in the lead-up to Macaron Day; we’ll see him pump out close to 30,000 multi-coloured macarons in his new, graffiti-inspired kitchen called The Lab, and create prototype gold macarons from his home. And unbeknownst to Adriano, one of his staff – apprentice baker Araks – is creating a surprise Willy Wonka-inspired birthday cake, complete with a chocolate water-fountain. Yes, Macaron Day is also Adriano’s birthday.

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