The Agatha Christie Code

50m 01s

Agatha Christie’s novels have been translated into 44 languages and sold in 103 countries. After Shakespeare, she is the world’s best selling author in any genre with over 2 billion books sold. On the 75th anniversary of the creation of one of her most famous characters, the immortal spinster sleuth Miss Marple, comes a brand new documentary. In a game of sleuth and deduction it sets out to solve one of the greatest puzzles; just what makes Agatha Christie such a successful writer?

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The Truth About 5G

45m 08s

The Truth about 5G investigates the rise of the anti-5G movement and the spread of wild conspiracy theories tying the COVID-19 pandemic to the 5G rollout plan.

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Seven Steps to Mercy: Cracking the Shakespeare Code

2h 04m

Is this the solution to the Oak Island mystery? This is the amazing story of Petter Amundsen, a Norwegian organist, who believes he has deciphered a secret code hidden in Shakespeare’s first folio. The code reveals a treasure map where mythical objects described in the bible and controversial manuscripts are hidden. In this series of three episodes, we learn how the map functions and about the codes often hidden in Renaissance art.

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9/11 : Science and Conspiracy

1h 35m

It’s been years now since the 9/11 attacks, but many people still believe that 9/11 was either an inside job or was allowed to happen by the U.S. Government. With so many people advancing so many theories about what occurred before our eyes, it is imperative to use science and impartial investigation to put a forensic stake in the heart of these conspiracy theories. In this program, experts attempt to objectively reconstruct events that skeptics say didn’t happen the way most people believe.

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