World Builders

Pulp Fiction: The Golden Age of Storytelling

51m 00s

This program profiles writers of the 20s, 30s, and 40s, known as the Pulp Fiction. These writers created the iconic characters who live on today in our collective hearts and imaginations. It has even been estimated that 90-95% of the top blockbusters in Hollywood movies, were based on the stories from the Pulp Fiction-era.

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Nostromo: The Impossible Dream of David Lean

1h 29m

David Lean dedicated the last six years of his life to implement a dream called Nostromo. Based on the novel of the same title by Joseph Conrad, Nostromo was to be an epic film shot with care and attention to detail that seemed from another era in years dominated by action and special effects. The British master, about to turn 80, aspired to close his career with a masterpiece worthy of titles such as Lawrence of Arabia, Doctor Zhivago or The Bridge on the River Kwai.

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Peckinpah Suite

1h 05m

35 years after her death, Lupita travels for the first time to Livingston, the small town in Montana where, after several professional failures, her father decided to retire. A physical journey, but, above all, an emotional journey in which she will rekindle memories and discover unknown aspects of the life of a man, her father, who has inspired countless legends.

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2001 Sparks In The Dark

20m 33s

Coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the film's arrival on screens, TCM produced "2001 flashes in the dark," a 20-minute self-produced film that recreates the interview with Kubrick that Playboy magazine published in its September issue of 1968 and that has become essential when it comes to approaching the reflections and theories that led the director to shoot 2001.

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George Lucas

4m 19s

He created the most famous saga of films in the history of cinema. Discover the secrets behind George Lucas’s creativity.

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Pablo Picasso

4m 20s

Picasso is still one of the most famous artist in the world. His art has been showed everywhere. How did he become this iconic painter ?

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