A day in Spain

1h 30m

Flying over the width and length of the Spanish territory, the film offers a breathtaking panorama of the great variety of its regions. We’ll discover a country with stunning coastlines and its small and large cities steeped in history. Today, they have also become the country’s economic engin: Spain, is the fifth largest economy in the European Union.

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Ice Trap

1h 50m

This voyage to the centre of the ice is the breath-taking tale of a polar scuba diving expedition in Greenland. August 2012. It’s the end of the Arctic summer. Two adventurers are drifting in their sea kayaks among gigantic blocks of ice carried south by the East Greenland Current. They intend to travel between the only two communities on one of the world’s wildest coastlines. Ittoqqortoormiit is the starting point of an intense 1000-kilometer-long human adventure!

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A day in Germany

1h 24m

Based on striking aerial images and many testimonies, the film explores the various facets of this complex territory in 24 hours. This unique canvas depicts the changes in the German landscape, at a time when the country – that was reunited only 25 years ago - attempts to reconcile its economic development with respect for nature.

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Babouchka, the North Pole

53m 04s

In 2011, Sébastien Roubinet and Rodolphe André, only covered 650 km towards the North Pole due to a faulty main battery. 2013. A new departure! A new hi-tech prototype, a sporty vessel called BABOUCHKA, extremely fast on sea, snow and ice! A new crewmate, too: Vincent Berthet. Beyond his great experience of sailing and of Polar regions, he's also an excellent cameraman.

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A day in the United Kingdom

1h 30m

The United Kingdom, the world's fifth largest economy, has the highest rate of urbanization in Europe. But also a great variety of stunning landscapes and vibrant communities. Let’s take 24 hours to discover the people and the forces which shape the territory of this country that has now chosen a very different European destiny for itself.

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A day in France

1h 32m

Offering impressive aerial views, this documentary film takes to the skies to reveal the many facets of the French territory, enriched by the stories of those who inhabit it and make it function. . What we discover proves to be much more than just majestic landscapes, a beautiful national heritage, small picturesque villages in the hills or the urban France of modern cities...

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A Model Adventure Season 1 Episode 1 - Off-Road Racing

52m 00s

Catwalk model Kate Peck joins the Chapman Racing Team as Navigator alongside Driver Clayton Chapman as they overcome outback bull dust and breakdowns to reach speeds of up to 200km p/hr in an attempt to win at the Kalgoorlie 400, on the first leg of the Australian Off-road Racing Championships.

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Arctic Quest

56m 30s

Polar Adventurer Geoff Wilson plans to kite-ski the entire 2,200km length of the Greenland ice sheet. He’s expecting sub-zero blizzards, hidden mile-deep crevasses and predatory polar bears, but Geoff’s biggest challenge will be his partner: he’s bringing along a rookie – his son-in-law, Simon.

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Mushers - Conquering the Yukon Quest | Episode 1

22m 25s

The most extreme dogsled race in the world attracts only the most fearless of mushers. Whether they have the experience of Brent Sass, known as the Sly Fox, of Hugh Neff the Joker, of the Old Wolf Allen Moore or of Normand Casavant the Quebecker, or whether they’re long-distance rookies like Jason Campeau the Hockey Player, Damon Tedford the Marathon Man or Kristin Knight Pace, the Queen of Hearts, they all have two things in common: a thirst for adventure and a love of dogs.

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