The Mermaids' Tears: Oceans of Plastic

53m 51s

Oceans are rapidly becoming the world’s rubbish dump. Every km of ocean now contains an average of 74,000 pieces of plastic. A ‘plastic soup’ of waste, killing hundreds of thousands of animals every year and leaching chemicals slowly up the food chain. In Holland, scientists researching the decline of the fulmar bird found plastic in the stomachs of 95% of all samples; In Germany, chemicals leached from plastic have been found to affect the reproductive systems of animals...

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The Secret World Of Trees Episode 1

24m 49s

In this programme we tell the Story of the Scots Pine how it died out in this country and plans made to reintroduce it to Ireland from Caledonian Forests in Scotland. Even though it is called the Scots Pine it is native to Ireland and is commonly seen in County Donegal and County Wicklow. Manchán Magan talks to Donal Magnier the author of 'Stopping by Woods' to learn more.

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The Secret World Of Trees Episode 2

24m 56s

This programme is about our native Tree the Birch and Manchán Magan is in GlenVeagh county Donegal aptly named after the Birch in Gaelic , ‘Gleann Bheithe’ . Whilst there he also discovers some elm trees and that the elm is disease free in this part of Ireland. It is also said that years and years ago when Ireland was coming out of an ice age the birch was the first tree to colonise the country and is often the first tree to bud in Spring .Manchán talks to Dónal Ó Cnáimhse to learn more .

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The Yupiks prophecy

52m 35s

Decades before scientists called the world's attention to the imminent dangers of global warming, the elders of one of Alaska's last remaining indigenous communities, the Yupik people, warned their children: "When the world will change, the climate will change and then men will change ”.

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Plastic Everywhere

51m 29s

Plastic is both a marvel and hellish stuff. On the one hand, it can be used in a variety of ways and is inexpensive. However, it is responsible for a global environmental problem. Plastic is everywhere: as a trash vortex in the ocean and as a microplastics in our food chain. This documentary addresses the question of why mankind has not come up with a solution for this problem yet.

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1h 57m

With aerial footage from fifty-four countries, 'Home' is a depiction of how Earth's problems are all interlinked. Directed by Yann Arthus Bertrand. Home is a documentary about Earth, humanity, nature, where we're going and what we've been.

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