Nightmare TVPUK

The Survivor

1h 26m

A 747 Jetliner takes off from an international airport and within minutes it is inexplicably threatening the lives of thousands as it plummets to the ground.The Pilot KELLER (Robert Powell), manages to avoid total catastrophe by bringing the aircraft down in a field but even so the resulting fire from a ruptured fuel tank ensures that from the plane, at least, there are no survivors... except one: the Pilot himself.

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Don't Let The Riverbeast Get You!

1h 39m

A vicious monster has arisen from its watery lair! It's the Riverbeast, and he's threatening a peaceful New England town. Local tutor Neil Stuart has seen the beast before, but nobody believed his story, making him the town laughingstock. Neil sets out to not only prove that the Riverbeast exists, but also, with the help of his beautiful pupil, scrappy tutor buddies, and a former professional athlete to vanquish the aquatic menace!

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