Nightmare TVPUK

Kill Cruise

1h 38m

A washed-out German sailor, in a drunken state, agrees to take two British women from Gibraltar to the West Indies in his sail boat. Early into the voyage, they realise that it's not going to be plain sailing.

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Fear Itself

1h 11m

A high school prank goes too far and someone ends up dead. Then students who were involved in the prank start dying. Is it karma or the victim's ghost seeking revenge?

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Stepfather 2

1h 27m

After escaping from a mental health institution a man meets a single mom and her son and decides they will be his new family. However other people are coming between them and for this they will pay the ultimate price.

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Dead Kids

1h 35m

In a small mid-west college town life is quiet and peaceful. That idyllic life is shattered when a young couple are attacked by a violent, knife-wielding masked man.

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