THREATENED: African Animals


Silent Forests

1h 49m

SILENT FORESTS is an intimate, character-driven portrait of conservationists and activists who are struggling to stop forest elephant poaching in Africa's Congo Basin region.

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Africa's Super 7

52m 32s

On the northern bank of the Sand River in the Mala-Mala Game Reserve in South Africa, seven magnificent creatures reside in an area the size of Manhattan Island. Tracking them for 24 hours we reveal the invisible threads that bind them together in a never-ending daily drama.

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Africa's Outsiders

52m 32s

Africa's Outsiders focuses on how animals born with unusual colors (caused by mutations in their genes) have a much harder struggle than animals born with traditional and recognizable colors. This amazing documentary follows the struggle of three extremely different species: a white lion, a white baboon, and a yellow crocodile, though other animals that were born without pigmentation or proper camouflage experience.

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Waiting for Elephants

49m 51s

In this French film, uncover the world of the remaining forest elephants that live in the lush jungles of Gabon. Victims of poachers for their highly prized ivory, these reclusive creatures are enchanting. But can they be saved from those who prey on them?

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The Lion Queen Episode 1 – A Midwife To Lions

44m 06s

Andi Rive, a midwife from the city has fallen in love with the fifty lions at Glen Garriff Lion Re-serve. With her dedicated team of staff, family and volunteers Andi is tasked with keeping the struggling reserve afloat, fending off creditors, lawyers and hunters.

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The Lion Queen Episode 2 - New Arrivals and Sad Goodbyes

44m 09s

New arrivals put added pressure on limited resources as two rescued lions arrive at Glen Garriff – one of them, a male lion called TJ, is unwell and the vet is called in to help; there’s added drama when a cub is mauled by one of the lions, and another cub, Taai, is abandoned by his mother.

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ALERT - Threatened species EP 2

52m 01s

Nowadays we are witnessing the most rapid rate of extinctions since the end of the dinosaur era. Fortunately, on all continents, defenders of nature have decided to act. They struggle on a daily basis for the survival of the world’s fauna. This handful of nature lovers is struggling fiercely to save them.

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