Sidney's Aquarium

9m 47s

Sydney Aquarium is a well known attraction of tourists and locals. Home to more than six thousand species it's a fabulous way to spend a few hours in the harbour city.

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Adopted by Dolphins - Flipper's Family Secrets

52m 23s

Adopted by Dolphins' follows a group of researchers who are accepted as companions by bottlenose dolphins in the Red Sea. A group of divers and marine biologists accompany up to 100 wild dolphins for days and for the very first time watch their behaviour from a dolphin’s perspective. Willingly, the animals expose their social behaviour and games, their exciting love life and even the use of medical substances provided by corals. This is a capturing story of love, war and drama.

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Cairns - Healthy Reef

23m 32s

The Great Barrier Reef: In the aftermath of a mass bleaching of coral, Greg Grainger takes a series of dives along the northern sections of the Reef to find it has come back to life with a vengeance. Also a drive with Billy Tea Safaris through the Daintree Rainforest out to Cape Tribulation. Crocs, cassowarries and a cuppa.

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Keeping water monsters alive

3m 04s

Mexico's 'water monster,' the axolotl, is disappearing from its natural habitat. This little creature could be the key to human regeneration, as it can re-grow its limbs and organs. Yanin and her brother built a laboratory to keep the species alive.

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The Blue Realm - Lions of the Deep

44m 41s

Since the 1970's, sea lion populations have declined more than 80% along the North Pacific coast. Scientists at the University of British Columbia and the Vancouver Aquarium are working together to help save Canada’s iconic and largest pinniped – the stellar sea lion. To help understand why their numbers are dropping, researchers work with the highly intelligent mammals at a unique floating laboratory.

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Face to Face with a Giant Humpback

27m 57s

Greg Grainger has had a whale of a time in Hervey Bay, has swum with platypus in a rainforest creek, zip-lined through a colony of flying foxes, and followed a photographer around the lakes and rainforest of Fraser Island.

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Lionfish - New Pirates of the Caribbean

52m 00s

The Red Lionfish is by far the coolest fish on the block: armed with eighteen venomous spines, he hunts, invisible to its prey, in packs. He has grand ambitions, too, spreading to new and unprepared waters: the Atlantic Ocean. The film sheds light on stunning abilities that let the lionfish conquer foreign waters, and by doing so threaten entire ecosystems. With stunning visual, high-speed footage, the film tells a suspenseful story, spanning over three continents and two oceans.

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The Blue Realm - Deep White

44m 28s

Believe it or not, many scuba divers want to see great whites up close, and photographers want dramatic shots. But how do you get the sharks to where you want them? For decades, it's been done by baiting, or “chumming” – attracting sharks with food. This practice is being questioned and banned in many countries because of a dramatic increase in shark attacks.

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