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Silent Forests

1h 49m

SILENT FORESTS is an intimate, character-driven portrait of conservationists and activists who are struggling to stop forest elephant poaching in Africa's Congo Basin region.

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The Wildlife Orphanage 1

48m 20s

Normally animal shelters are the last refuge for unfortunate creatures. But in Namibia, Southern Africa, there is a different kind of shelter: a ten thousand hectare orphanage - a haven for wildanimals. The residents are rather exotic- lions, baboons and cheetahs. The two-legged stars of the series are the volunteers.

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The Blue Realm - Lions of the Deep

44m 41s

Since the 1970's, sea lion populations have declined more than 80% along the North Pacific coast. Scientists at the University of British Columbia and the Vancouver Aquarium are working together to help save Canada’s iconic and largest pinniped – the stellar sea lion. To help understand why their numbers are dropping, researchers work with the highly intelligent mammals at a unique floating laboratory.

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The Lion Queen Episode 4 – The Lion Industry

44m 08s

Glen Garriff offers sanctuary to its fifty lions from South Africa’s shocking canned hunting industry; a rescued lion arrives at Glen Garriff, unsettling some of the other lions and creating more prob-lems; Andi hits the road to plan a tourist experience that could generate much needed income for the reserve; and game hunters pay a visit to Glen Garriff.

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Face to Face with a Giant Humpback

27m 57s

Greg Grainger has had a whale of a time in Hervey Bay, has swum with platypus in a rainforest creek, zip-lined through a colony of flying foxes, and followed a photographer around the lakes and rainforest of Fraser Island.

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Australian Penguins

52m 02s

Little Penguins are the smallest penguin in the world and are the only species that live and breed in Australia. This documentary focuses on the penguin colony that live on Western Australia's, Penguin Island. The island's Discovery Centre houses a small group of rescued penguins, which have either been injured, orphaned or abandoned as chicks. Australian Penguins gives an insight into their amazing stories of survival and all the funny things this group of Little Penguins get up to.

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Beary Tales

51m 40s

This touching film follows two bear twins from defenseless babies to cheeky 60-kilo teenagers. The two cubs, abandoned by their mother, would surely have perished – if their new mother, Vaclav, had not adopted them. It’s a story about two - or three! - extraordinary characters that manage, despite their differences, to share the same path.

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