Classic Greg Grainger


Greg Grainger - Wildest Antarctica

57m 42s

Wildest Antarctica documents the chilling beauty and grandeur of this labyrinth of ice and snow and the wild creatures that have adapted to an icy existence. Capturing the true essence of the Antarctic, this programme highlights the key behaviours of the penguin colonies and the majestic creatures of the deep in their fight for survival.

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The Legendary Pacific Coast

23m 37s

Greg Grainger visits the famed wine region of Hunter Valley in harvest time, explores the majestic waterways of Port Stephens by kayak, enjoys fresh oysters and fishing on the Great Lakes and has very special experiences with dolphins, seals and turtles.

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Face to Face with a Giant Humpback

27m 57s

Greg Grainger has had a whale of a time in Hervey Bay, has swum with platypus in a rainforest creek, zip-lined through a colony of flying foxes, and followed a photographer around the lakes and rainforest of Fraser Island.

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Grainger's world - On thin ice

53m 21s

With predictions of polar bears being extinct in 50 years, ON THIN ICE follows bears as they emerge from their dens and navigate their rapidly changing environment. ON THIN ICE shows how the frozen expanses of the Arctic are shrinking at an unprecedented rate, with the very survival of the polar bear literally on thin ice.

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Grainger's world - Across the sea of Galilee

42m 56s

A stirring film of peace and hope, timed to coincide with real Peace in the Middle East. This highly topical special shows the rich diversity of modern life in Israel, as the historic Arafat Peace agreement was being negotiated. A series of adventures through Israel, camel riding across the Negev Desert to meet nomadic Bedouin tribesmen, living on a kibbutz on the Lebanon border and driving tanks in the Golan Heights.

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