Pets & Vets


Rhys Jones's Wildlife Patrol | Season 1 | Episode 8

29m 55s

In this action-packed episode Dr Jones encounters his most unusual request yet: could he take a chimpanzee to A&E for an MRI scan? He's then called in to deal with a tarantula in a churchyard. Following on, Dr Jones then encounters a dog seemingly bitten by a snake. And finally, he takes to the seas to solve the mystery of a dolphin who doesn’t want to leave a shallow Welsh Bay.

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The mother of 800 cats

4m 04s

Dawn's story began by complete chance: A holiday, a traumatic event and a discovery. She changed her plan for retirement to become the heart and soul of the Cat Monastery in Cyprus.

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Australian Penguins

52m 02s

Little Penguins are the smallest penguin in the world and are the only species that live and breed in Australia. This documentary focuses on the penguin colony that live on Western Australia's, Penguin Island. The island's Discovery Centre houses a small group of rescued penguins, which have either been injured, orphaned or abandoned as chicks. Australian Penguins gives an insight into their amazing stories of survival and all the funny things this group of Little Penguins get up to.

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