1h 25m

‘Goshen – Places of Refuge for the Running People’ is a powerful documentary depicting the diet and active lifestyle of the indigenous Tarahumara, a light-footed running tribe, who are striving to maintain their ancient culture against all odds.

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The Yupiks prophecy

52m 35s

Decades before scientists called the world's attention to the imminent dangers of global warming, the elders of one of Alaska's last remaining indigenous communities, the Yupik people, warned their children: "When the world will change, the climate will change and then men will change ”.

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53m 00s

In a remote region of Peru, every December 25th, men, women and children fight to maintain their tradition.In these isolated mountains in the heart of the Peruvian Andes, among the illuminated Christmas trees, cribs and figurines, a five hundred year old tradition is perpetuated to settle conflicts: here, as a gift, every Christmas, friends, neighbours, enemies and acquaintances deliberately dispense the blows they have been withholding during the year.

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The Empire of the Winds

54m 30s

The Great South, where the border between fantasy and reality disappears, is so apt for myths and legends, bears a very real name: Patagonia. Between deserts and mountains, Thibaud Duchosal, Johannes Hoffmann and Lucas Swieykowski, three adventurous skiers, embark on a 1500 km journey to the end of the world.

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CHARCO | Songs from the Río de la Plata

1h 17m

There is a place in the world where all music converges. The Río de la Plata is that region where completely different genres such as Tango, Rock, Candombe and Milonga meet, giving birth to what is known as the Rioplatense Song, our own unique music. This is the story we want to tell. Throughout musical meetings and chats with several referents of both shores, our leading man Pablo Dacal offers us a deep outlook into today’s musical scene.

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El último confín: Los Inuit del Oeste de Groenlandia

50m 01s

Overcome the hell in which the Arctic becomes winter, in West Greenland the Inuit face the sweet respite offered by the summer to hunt and fish, continuing the ancient traditions that have inherited from their ancestors. Documentary about the current life of the Inuit of West Greenland. Hunting and fishing practiced by their ancestors are still today the center of their culture and their identity.

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59m 51s

Havana is still alive. Its people are in the streets, in the squares, in the churches, in the parks, in dance halls, in schools. And it continues to transmit an inheritance made of laughter ancient, with African rhythms, with strong overtones. From Changó and Fidel.

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