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Waiting for Elephants

49m 51s

In this French film, uncover the world of the remaining forest elephants that live in the lush jungles of Gabon. Victims of poachers for their highly prized ivory, these reclusive creatures are enchanting. But can they be saved from those who prey on them?

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The Last Nomads The Sea of Sand

47m 06s

«The Last Nomads» features the greatest traditional journeys left on Earth as seen through the eyes of the people who still travel on them. From the Zagros Mountains of Iran to the frozen wastelands of northern Siberia, the Sahara to the Himalaya, these beautifully filmed documentaries give a unique insight into the very last human journeys still being travelled as they have been for thousands of years.

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Eyengui, the God of Dream

1h 25m

This is not fiction, it’s crude reality. This film tells a true story about the customs, problems and enigmas, of one of the most primitive ethnic groups on the planet- the Baka pygmies - as they fight to maintain their way of life. In the depths of the jungle of south-east Cameroon, recreating the scene, we see how a woman and her daughter are kidnapped by sorcerers for the start of a cannibal ritual, the woman is petrified, her face a mask of terror.

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the beat of the Gamba

55m 56s

Gamba is a fusion of African music brought to Amazonia by the slaves with Indian songs and missionary hymns. In the 19th century, slaves fleeing the plantations and the hardships of captivity took refuge in the forest. They lived there with the Indians, who taught them to survive in the hostile environment of the big forest. From their meeting sprang this astonishing Afro-Indigenous music, based on drums, song and dances.

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African Beauties - Hair Art In Mali

42m 53s

Antelope moon, golden dates, desert flowers. There are hundreds of words which convey the beauty of African women. Copious amounts of time have been dedicated to this subject, in particular the amazing hair creations. Works of art, based on ancient knowledge, adorn the heads of women from the busy Malian metropolis of Bamako on the river Niger to the Sahara, the world's largest desert, on which the Tuareg nomads roam.

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Talam, a Musical Odyssee - Morocco

51m 50s

Talam is a journey through the roots of mankind, a tour of man’s both welcoming and hostile abodes. It is an investigation of the colours and primeval sounds of Music and an attempt to capture their communicative power.

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Man-Eaters: a Human Leopard Story

44m 37s

The first documentary about the Human-leopard conflict in Sri Lanka, “Man Eaters: A Human Leopard Story” approaches the conflict by analyzing past and present cases of man-eating leopards in Sri Lanka and what led to their strange behavior. Unlike India, man-eating leopards in Sri Lanka are very rare.

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