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Bastion of the Giants

52m 02s

Ā«Bastion of the GiantsĀ» takes the world into an engrossing journey of the lives of Asian Elephants, and the stunning bio-diverse North Eastern jungles of India around the river Brahmaputra. The challenges of the survival of the Asian Elephant and other endangered species including Bengal Tigers, Indian Rhinos and more, with intense human animal conflicts as human populations explode around these ecological hotspots and ancient elephant lands.

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China's Hidden Monkeys

52m 06s

In Shangri-La, the remote mountains of southwest China, live one of the most remarkable, elusive and endangered primates in the world. CHINA'S HIDDEN MONKEYS will give viewers their first look at the living link between monkeys and apes.

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The Egret

48m 15s

Every year from late March to early April, large migrating flocks of egrets and herons arrive from Japan and settle in North East China to nest, mate and rear their young.

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Chinese Merganser

48m 46s

A survivor from the third Ice Age some 10 million years ago, the Chinese merganser is the world's oldest species of wild duck. Despite having survived when many other species did not, the merganser is now facing the threats of global warming and human encroachment.

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The Tale of the Blue Magpie

54m 16s

The Azure-Winged Magpie is a bird that exists only at the extreme ends of the huge continental Eurasian landmass-in China and on the Iberian Peninsula. The common belief is that early Spanish and Portuguese missionaries to Asia brought it back to the Iberian Peninsula. A discovery in a Gibraltar cave of ancient remains of the Azure-Winged Magpie suggests otherwise.

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