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Les anges vagabonds

52m 01s

Today, like little Moussa, thousands of vagrant children are roaming the streets of Dakar. The majority of them are little children who have escaped from their daara (Koranic boarding school), after suffering from mistreatment.

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Do More With Less

1h 25m

By 2030, two billion people are expected to be living in slums. Therefore learn how to operate in conditions with low capital resources, giving an answer to the economy from the local is the great challenge.

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USA : Life in a high security prison

56m 59s

In the United States, there are more than 2 million people behind bars. That’s more than anywhere else in the world. 90% of prisoners serve time in one of the 1,700 State penitentiaries. One of them, the Anamosa State Penitentiary, granted us exceptional, round-the-clock access. Here, three quarters of the prisoners have been convicted of violent crimes and serve an average of 27 years. How is the prison managed?

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Live your life

51m 48s

Eugénie, Melissa, Alicia, Laura, Sarah or Caroline live in France, Canada and the United States....They were 15, 17 or 20 years old, when they discovered that they were pregnant.They share a common fate: they had an abortion and made the choice to continue to live their lives despite what people said when they decided to terminate their pregnancy. Despite the difficulty of getting an appointment or finding a clinic. Despite the silence and the taboo.

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Favela Frontlines

50m 26s

In this war, there are no winners. Through personal stories from people on both sides of the conflict and powerful footage, FAVELA FRONTLINES takes you straight to the heart of the battle between police and drug traffickers in Brazil. On average, one policeman is killed every two days. There are 60,000 homicides every year. Interspersed with the stories are interviews with judges, journalists, slum residents and historians.

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1h 05m

Food production has increasingly become a huge business for a handful of giant corporations. SOYALISM follows the industrial production chain of pork and the related soybean monoculture, from China to Brazil through the United States and Mozambique. This eye-opening documentary describes the enormous concentration of power in the hands of these Western and Chinese companies and the impact this is having on the food we consume.

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Inside the Russian Info War Machine

59m 02s

Acclaimed journalist Paul Moreira investigates how Russia manipulates public opinion, undermines democratic governments and attempts to alter world events. The public face of foreign policy: the state news channels, Sputnik and Russia Today. But working in the shadows is the hidden part: the hackers and trolls pushing the Russian agenda... The Russians know that public perception of their country has reached a new low. Russophobia is massive. Their message is tainted with illegitimacy.

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RAID: Inside France's Anti-Terrorist Unit

52m 23s

Dealing with the most delicate and dangerous issues of security and safety, the RAID unit intervenes not only in terrorist attacks, but also in dismantling drug networks, transferring dangerous prisoners, and handling hostage situations. It was this unit charged with neutralising and arresting those behind the deadly attacks in Paris in November 2015 and on Charlie Hebdo. We follow these elite men at work and through their difficult training period and see what makes them so special.

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Europe: The Rise of the Extreme Right

1h 04m

The extreme right has won the European elections in France, Italy and Belgium and has gained about a quarter of MEPs in the new parliament. The xenophobia, patriarchy or authoritarianism that they preach are also present in the programs of parties that are not even considered ultra-right. Issues that were thought to be overcome, such as gender violence, the use of firearms or the death penalty, are being reintroduced into the debate.

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Wonder Women S1E1 India

22m 01s

In India, the Dalit are the lowest caste in the social order, and girls are especially vulnerable to mistreatment, but a group of young women from the city of Dindigul are breaking tradition by becoming the first female performers in a drumming competition.

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Wonder Women S1E2 Japan

22m 03s

For centuries, the Ama free divers of Japan have plunged into icy waters to depths of 50 feet without air tanks to retrieve shellfish to feed their families. But today, a pair of women in their eighties are among the last practitioners of this endangered tradition.

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Erdogan, the rise to absolute power

52m 29s

The documentary tells the story of the slow transformation of a man. Once democratic and pro-European, he is now a reactionary head of state with autocratic aims. From the abrupt cessation of Turkey's EU accession talks in 2010 to the colossal purges destabilizing the country today, we are studying the implementation of a ruthless strategy aimed at making the Turkish president the new Sultan of the Middle East.

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