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Murder by Shark

48m 04s

On 25 February 1852, the HMS Birkenhead left Simon’s Town in South Africa. She had 643 people on board including a few women and children. Stashed in her hull were 17 crates of gold and silver. She made good time, but several hours of her journey were unaccounted for. Strange lights on shore caught the attention of those on duty. At two-o-clock in the morning, she struck an uncharted rock, just over three kilometres offshore. Chaos erupted as people scrambled for her eight lifeboats...

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The Perseus Survivor

54m 46s

The documentary drama tells the story of the only man who survived the wreckage of the World War II Submarine HMS Perseus, which sank unnoticed in 1941. With the help of a team of historians, famous underwater wrecks researcher, writer and professional diver Richie Kohler tries to understand why a simple submariner got involved in the transportation of a secret cargo as part of the high-end spy games between the Axis and the Alliance.

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The Search For USS Lagarto

55m 42s

A fierce WWII battle at sea, unreported for more than 60 years is revealed at the bottom of the Gulf of Thailand in HD underwater video. There lay the US submarine Lagarto and the remains of her 86 crewmen, whose families share how their husbands and fathers' disappearance shaped their lives.

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55m 42s

Ten Haitians, having resumed the thread of their lives in a setting worthy of Dante, bear witness and provide intimate insights into an existence turned upside down by death and chaos. The film explores how people, in the aftermath of the unthinkable, grieve, struggle to regain a semblance of everyday normality and aspire to new dreams and hope.

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46m 28s

On the 8th June 1982, at the height of the Falklands War, 53 men lost their lives and hundreds were injured in Argentine air attacks on British ships Sir Galahad and Sir Tristram. 32 of those men were Welsh Guards - some of them no more than boys.

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The Bridge

1h 05m

On 14th August Morandi bridge collapsed in Genua. 43 deads. Few survivors. The documentary follows in exclusivity the following steps. From the Genoa hangar to the EMPA laboratories in Dübendorf to shed light on responsibilities under a technical point of view.

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Extreme Faces of Death

1h 10m

Details the history of the death sentence, featuring graphic scenes of executions from across the world. A shocking indictment against capital punishment. State-sponsored murder or justice. More than 26 million people have been executed since 1900. This documentary offers a rare insight into the rights and wrongs of the ultimate act of retribution. It chronicles its use in the 20th century and examines the tools of the executioner's grim trade.

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Mission to Mississippi

46m 01s

A story of one family's struggle to survive after Hurricane Katrina and the emotional journey of 54 volunteers from New York who helped them rebuild their home and their lives.

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