Gastronomic Journeys

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The Okinaway of Life

51m 24s

A wonderful journey in the heart of a legendary civilization that owns the world longevity record in good health. The archipelago of Okinawa, located in the Pacific Ocean at the very south of Japan sees its population with almost no diseases. What are the secrets of Okinawa’s inhabitants ? How can we live longer, happy and in good health ?

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Frankfurter, Viennese, Hot Dogs - It's All About the Sausage

32m 29s

Viennese ham on the bone is more and more considered to be a delicious MUST on the international breakfast table. But the most famous creation of the Viennese butcher is the Frankfurter sausage, probably also known under other names too – famed worldwide as "Vienna sausage" it is the main ingredient of the hot dog. The hot dog was born, perfect for the public at football and baseball games.

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Edible Wild Episode 2

23m 28s

Snails as an appetiser and some ants in your cocktail? Nithiya heads to Bishan Park and discovers some hidden gold in its river. She meets with a fellow chef who's perfected farm-to-table dining, and tops off her adventure with an exotic cocktail made with locally-foraged weaver ants.

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Edible Wild Episode 1

23m 27s

Nithiya discovers a community-led foraging initiative at Fort Canning Park, makes a healthy snack with a local superfood, the moringa, and gets a crash-course on foraging in the deep forests of the Bukit Timah rail corridor.

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Edible Wild Episode 3

23m 09s

Do you know you can get delicious farmed honey in Singapore? Nithiya meets with a local beekeeper for some tasty honey wine, and goes farm-hopping in Kranji for fresh frogs and goat's milk.

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Edible Wild Episode 4

22m 49s

In this episode, Nithiya learns about a unique and flavourful type of poultry farmed here in Singapore, meets with some very young gardeners at a kindergarten, and makes a rejuvenating tea with renowned herbmaster.

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Edible Wild Episode 5

21m 43s

In this episode, Nithiya takes island living to the extreme. She heads off to Singapore's surrounding waters for a spot of 'bubu' fishing, discovers the sustainable allure of kelong living, and catches crabs with a bonafide huntsman on Pulau Ubin.

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Edible Wild Episode 6

23m 24s

Nithiya heads to Sky Greens to learn about one man's soaring ambition to make Singapore more self-sustainable. She meets with a community in Jurong who pride themselves in growing their own produce, and an elderly matriarch who's determined to bring back the kampong spirit, one dish at a time.

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The world conquest of French pastry

52m 24s

The French pastry again on the roof of the world! On January 23rd, France is awarded for the 8th time wins the pastry world cup again, one of the most prestigious international competitions of gastronomy. France thus remains the most successful country to this day. But the conquest of the world of the French pastry does not limit itself to awards. The know-how and the French creative genius are durably exported and spreads over all the regions of the world!

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51m 30s

Marseille’s anchovy-cheese, the Bronx’s Neapolitan, Naples’ margarita… From the three cradles of pizza, this film is retying the knots of a worldwide history giving us the opportunity to gaze upon the glimmering lights of Times Square, explore the back alleys of Naples and land in front of a pizza van— an invention from Marseilles. There, we meet with loud mouth pizza chefs who have been mucking in, sometimes for five generations.

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