Money Crimes


Russian Laundering

44m 58s

“Money mules” are people lured on the Internet and forced to launder money for hacker gangs and organized crime. Apparently serious jobs offers which become a nightmare. The documentary follows the money flow from Switzerland to Russia.

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Murder in Istanbul

44m 47s

In this outstanding investigation, journalist Murad Batal Shishani uncovers the clandestine international network of Russian assassins dispatched by the Kremlin to liquidate Russia's enemies abroad. Turkey has become a haven for Caucasian and Central Asian Islamist fighters fleeing threats at home. The killings highlight the intrusion of criminal elements into Russian security services, as well as how Istanbul is becoming a secret international battleground.

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54m 53s

From the director of 'Goldman Sachs: The Bank that Rules the World' comes a major new investigation into corruption at one of the world's top financial institutions

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Reportage series - S01 E02 - War Lords

51m 24s

Somalia has the perfect ecosystem for endless war: European mercenaries, pirates, Al Qaeda jihadists, weapon smugglers, drought and hunger. We enter an absurd, anarchic reality where warlords will switch allegiances to gain security and stability, again to make profit and perhaps again for religious conviction.

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