Boko Haram: The Origins of Evil

51m 18s

How has the extremist group Boko Haram, which began as a small Islamic sect, managed to make Nigeria, the richest country in Africa, and all its neighbours, tremble with fear? Who are they and how did they become so powerful? Xavier Muntz spent a month in Northern Nigeria, in the heart of the red zone, to answer these very questions. He met with many people, all directly affected by this religious uprising. Victims, soldiers and even Jihadi sympathisers.

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9/11: Through the Eyes of Al Qaeda

53m 02s

Filmed in extremely difficult circumstances, Al Qaeda operatives describe how they planned and prepared for 9/11. Their exclusive interviews provide a rare look at life inside Al Qaeda, into the personality of Osama Bin Laden and Al Zawahiri. Intercut with the interviews is archive of 9/11, some of it never before seen, and footage from hidden cameras. 9/11, as it's never been seen before - through the eyes of Al Qaeda.

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Faces of Terror

59m 36s

Why are Europeans, children of immigrants like Coulibaly or the Kouachis brothers, attacking their countries of birth? What leads them to reject the values of the nation in which they grew up, to be reborn as extremists of Al Qaeda and the Islamic State. What role does religion play and which religion? What propaganda and mental mechanisms are being used to convince this generation of killers that they must turn vigilante on behalf of their victimised Muslim world?

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ISIS, birth of a terrorist state

54m 26s

ISIS or IS, the so-called Islamic State - DAECH in Arabic - controls today a large territory that stretches over Syria and Iraq. ISIS is not just a terrorist movement, it has become something of an out-law state attracting militants and combatants from around the globe. The jihadist start-up born in Iraq under American occupation became a global corporation of terror which succeeded in making Al Qaeda look outdated.

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