Playlist for Ecologi

Oil-Power versus EPower: An Industry reinvents itself

44m 14s

The spectacular world tour by a purely solar-powered plane has shown what new energy is capable of. Hot on the heels of the electric car comes the electric aeroplane. Even if Solar Impulse, the company behind the plane, has not yet developed a fully market-ready product, it has demonstrated its feasibility.

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Newton - Smart Cities

44m 22s

What should the cities of the future look like? Urban planners are broadly in agreement that they should be green, efficient, technologically advanced, and above all sustainable, and to this end are planning the smart cities of the future

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Solar Power - Dream or reality?

51m 02s

First developed in the 1950s by NASA for space exploration, solar energy was never really considered as a reliable source of energy for widespread use because of its high cost and limited output. But today, thanks to major cost reductions, advance in technology, and rise in oil prices, solar power has become a serious energy option for the future. But how can we apply it to our modern world in the most sensible way?

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How environmentally friendly are electric vehicles?

44m 22s

Electric cars are supposed to be more environment friendly than vehicles with combustion engines. But how ecological is it to produce batteries, and are they used efficiently? We take a look at technical developments and ask how we can produce more environment-friendly batteries and make the energy management of electric cars more efficient.

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Techno Sapiens - The Future of the Human Species

51m 36s

The boundaries between man and machine, between technology and nature, are becoming increasingly blurred and might even disappear completely in the future. Information technology, genetic engineering and nanotechnology are not only making considerable inroads into society, but also more and more directly into human nature. The day when Homo sapiens is able to consciously design and radically change himself is not far away.

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Camargue's White Gold

25m 30s

The Camargue Biosphere Reserve in the French Mediterranean rivers is a wetland of international importance known as Ramsar by the UNESCO. This beautiful land is the home of an incredibly diverse nature.

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Bugs: Nature's Little Superheroes

51m 55s

Think insects are a pest? Think again. This visually stunning science documentary shows how these tiny geniuses can help us solve some of science’s biggest problems – from producing biofuel to killing drug-resistant bacteria and curing cancer. Insects are the most diverse group of animals on the planet, making up more than 90% of the animals on Earth. They can be found on all continents, in all climates. Nature has equipped them with an amazing range of tricks.

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Dream of the future S2 Ep10 - FARMING

51m 56s

In 2050, demand for agricultural products will have increased by at least 70%. To meet these needs, we will have to produce more, but also more cleanly and using less energy. New technologies will help farmers meet these challenges. Connected robots will support them in their daily tasks self-sufficiently.

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Another Way

1h 07m

A citizen experience developing new models of partnership between consumers and farmers has the power to change society. Through food, which concerns everyone, the CSA experience has put the human factor back at the center of discussions. Can we become agents of change?

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