Playlist for Ecologi

Black Summer

48m 34s

Incredible footage from ordinary Australians captured the ferocity of the bushfires that raged across the country this summer. These videos have been viewed tens of millions of times across the world, but who filmed them and how did their stories end? A team of reporters and producers fanned out across the country to track down the people who found themselves in the centre of the firestorms. What emerges are incredible stories of survival, bravery and heartbreak.

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The scientist, the imposter and Stalin: How to feed the people

54m 34s

Two extraordinary human destinies, caught up in the implacable political machinery of the burgeoning Soviet Union of the 1920s, prey to famine. Based on hitherto unreleased archives, this incredible scientific controversy takes on its full significance at a time when the whole world is wondering how on Earth it can feed the people of tomorrow.

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Toki Tales

51m 04s

Thirty years ago the “toki” became extinct in the wild in Japan. This is the story of the attempt by a group of dedicated scientists and ordinary citizens to re-establish captive bred Japanese crested ibis, a rare and iconic bird, into the rice farming communities of Sado Island on the East Coast of Japan. As they struggled to breed the last remaining birds in captivity, the islanders have to change their farming methods before the toki could be returned to the wild.

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The Black Tears of the Sea – The Lethal Legacy of Wrecks

52m 12s

More than 70 years after the end of World War II an oppressive legacy from the past overshadows the future: ships sunken in the war rusting on the seabed. They pose a threat that is still completely ignored. Lying on the seabed are 6,300 wrecks which together contain an estimated 1.5 to 12 billion litres of oil.The question is: how long will the oil stay inside? It’s a journey that takes us back into history, on perilous salvaging missions, to the ocean bed, and into laboratories.

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1h 18m

A darker look at paradise in the Galapagos archipelago. Environmental artist and world traveller Billy Strong and Filmmaker / Photographer Dell Cullum, both from East Hampton, New York take an unauthorized journey and expedition onto never before landed locations of the Galapagos, to show the devastating effects of ocean-borne trash and debris on it’s shorelines.

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36m 17s

Numerous climatic, political and civilising changes have a great impact on the settlements in the central Amazon area. Step by step the local people develop their own mentality regarding a sustainable and well-adapted life in the heart of the Amazon rain forests. In 2012, the film maker Thomas Miklautsch from Carinthia, together with his assistant Anja Krois, set off to travel for several months along the Amazon, from the Columbian Leticia to Rio Ampiyaco near Iquitos in Peru, always in harmony

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The Earth's Furies: Volcanic Explosions

52m 22s

Iceland, Indonesia, South America, the Reunion Island... The threat of volcanic eruptions never ceases to hound those who have chosen to live at the feet of volcanos on continents the world over. This threat requires humans to continually come up with new ways to both foresee the danger to come and to tame the violence of volcanoes; a violence that is indispensable to life on Earth. What do these volcanoes reveal about the way the Earth works?

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Green Warriors: Indonesia, the World's most Polluted River

54m 12s

The Citarum river in Indonesia, is the world's most polluted river. A reporter teamed up with international scientists to investigate the causes and consequences of this pollution. One of the main polluters is actually the fashion industry : 500 textile factories throw away their wastewater directly into the Citarum river.

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Overseas Valleys

57m 30s

Man remodels landscapes according his occupation on the territory. Overseas territories have undergone great transformations when European settlers arrived. But the new transformation of the territory didn’t last. What became of these lands? We set off to discover two valleys, one in New Caledonia (the Diahot valley) which has had an exceptional mining history but has struggled to survive economically since the mines closed at the start of the 20th century.

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The Yupiks prophecy

52m 35s

Decades before scientists called the world's attention to the imminent dangers of global warming, the elders of one of Alaska's last remaining indigenous communities, the Yupik people, warned their children: "When the world will change, the climate will change and then men will change ”.

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52m 04s

Consumerism has become the cornerstone of the post-industrial age. Yet how much do we know about what it is doing to us? Using theories of evolutionary psychology, this film takes a whirlwind tour through the "weird mental illness of consumerism", showing how our insatiable appetite has driven us into "the jaws of the beast". Both an apocalyptic and redemptive view of the human condition

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