For TVP UK Documentary channel


53m 36s

Aurélien, a French Martial Arts Champion, discovers different wrestling sports/techniques from all around the world. He emerges himself during a week with a Champion/Coach in order to learn the basic rules of that new sport. At the end of the film, Aurélien fights with a local Champion. Meanwhile, with him, the viewers will learn more about the history of that wrestling sport and also about the country, the people, their habits and culture.

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Dakar Surf City

51m 14s

Following in the footsteps of Oumar Seye, the first professional surfer from Sub-Saharen Africa, Cherif, Paké, Assane and Mbabou dream of becoming pro surfers. These 4 childhood friends from the village of Ngor in Dakar make up Senegal’s national surf team and will represent their country at the ISA World Surfing Games in Biarritz, France. This is the first time that Senegal has been represented, and the stakes couldn’t be higher for these worthy ambassadors of the “Teranga” spirit.

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Best Tricks

53m 09s

At only 21 years old, Louis Boniface is one of the best slackliners in the world. The film Best Tricks tells the story of a challenge that the young athlete has set for himself: Achieve a world first, a triple backflip rotation on a slackline.This unique dive into Louis Boniface’s daily life highlights the different stages of his physical and mental struggle against gravity, falls, and pain... We discover a sensitive, disciplined young man, determined to do anything he can to make history.

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