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Post Mortem and Other Small Hassles

56m 44s

Family company 'Vita', implanted in the suburbs of Lyon, is specialized in cleaning up places where were found dead bodies, filthy apartments and other pests. Christophe Mercier, head manager, decided a few years ago to develop a specific human remains cleaning protocol. His team faces sickening mells, human rubbishes and lives with death. A documentary about dealing with death in the Western culture.

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51m 40s

The Cidade de Deus, or City of God, has never had anything biblical about it apart from its name. The history of this favela in Rio de Janero has been marked by violence, poverty and drugs trafficking. In 2002, the eponymous film made it the best known favela in the world. But over the last 4 years, the City of God has been undergoing a minor revolution.

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Ariane 5, a French Challenge

55m 58s

Each launch of the Ariane 5 rocket is a high-risk adventure and a 500 million euro bet. The concentration is maximum because each step is essential and follows a very precise chronology. Around Ariane 5, the launcher of the European Space Agency (ESA), a whole world reveals itself: armed forces on the ground and in the air, an industrial network of 550 companies in 12 European countries, buried bunkers and secrets to which few people have access.

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Ghost children

52m 24s

More than 230 million children around the world have never been registered at birth and are now unknown to their own country. 37% of these children live in Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso and other countries. In the eyes of society, they do not exist. The consequences are often dramatic : early marriages, forced labor and many obstacles to pursue studies, and finally to vote.

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1h 12m

What remains of a life of struggles?As the disappearance of their small religious community looms, the Helper Nuns of Quebec are preparing to bequeath what's most their precious to them: years of campaigning for women’s rights, social justice and international solidarity. Between apprehension about death, outbursts of laughter and meals washed down with wine, these dignified free-sprited women live the meaning of sisterhood to the full. Until the very end.

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First Year Out

1h 11m

Five former detainees were followed throughout their first year out of prison. Everyone tries to rebuild themselves in their own way, with ups and downs.

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