For TVP UK Documentary channel

Ghost children

52m 24s

More than 230 million children around the world have never been registered at birth and are now unknown to their own country. 37% of these children live in Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso and other countries. In the eyes of society, they do not exist. The consequences are often dramatic : early marriages, forced labor and many obstacles to pursue studies, and finally to vote.

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The Resistance - The fight of the Venezuelan exiles

54m 57s

François-Xavier Freland, a former correspondent in Venezuela, has not been allowed back into the country since the end of 2016. He met six opponents of Nicolas Maduro’s regime who are living in exile in Europe and Colombia. Political figures, a journalist, an activist in the Resistencia protest movement, a student who suffered brutal oppression, an artist … Their testimonies portray the authoritarianism and the violence of the regime established since 2013 by Hugo Chávez’s successor.

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How I Became Invisible

57m 14s

Camera, tracking, data, homeland security, NSA… Can we really get over the technological control? How to become invisible in 2016 ?Listened, watched, tracked, Alexandra Ranz travels the world searching for new techniques to get rid of private life intrusion, to erase her personal data from the internet and get a total freedom again.This documentary gives you the keys of internet surveillance...

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