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The French Nuclear Trap

1h 07m

For the last 50 years, France has generated 75% of its electricity through nuclear power – the only country in the world to do so. This dependence is now sending the state-owned company EDF towards bankruptcy. The new French EPR reactor has experienced many completion delays in Flamanville, France, and in Finland.

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Regis Marcon, Great French Chef

52m 04s

Régis Marcon never dreamed of being a great starry chef. It only needed a stimulus to start the child from Saint-Bonnet-Le-Froid. Today Régis Marcon is working to extend his cooking passion to his son, his team and relatives, in his village or around the world. With his heart and his philosophy he became a school on his own.

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A Chef and Her Lucky Star

51m 26s

When chef Isabelle Arpin joins the restaurant Alexandre in Brussels, she knows that only a Michelin star can save it. During the months before and after the Michelin star announcement, we follow the rise of this woman chef, in the very masculine world of Gastronomy.

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