For TVP UK Documentary channel


52m 42s

The aim of this animal documentary with a dramatic narrative is to show us the wild animals living in our cities and the reasons for their presence in these urban environments through the eyes of a humanised cat.Misty is a middle-class alley cat. From season to season, he roams the city in search of different species of urban, wild animals. From rats, mice, magpies and crows, predators and opportunists.

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Horizontal Snow

27m 28s

Adventures and explorations in Himalaya and Canadian Great North. A documentary series drove by Jean Troillet, the Swiss mountain guide and veteran climber who made the achievement to climb 10 peaks over 8000 metres without oxygen.

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Longyearbyen, a bipolar city

56m 49s

A climate dilemma in the Arctic circle ! Located in the Svalbard archipelago, Longyearbyen is the northernmost city in the world. Here we extract coal for one hundred years as an energetic and economic source, which stirs many environmental paradoxes. For scientists, politicians and city locals, Longyearbyen is now facing a race against the clock.

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Mediterranean Sea

52m 19s

The astoundingly beautiful documentary with impressive images shot in 4K that takes audiences on the most wonderful voyage down the Mediterranean Sea. Discover our world's natural treasures from up close as you have never seen before, the fishes, the corals and the magical sceneries that lie under water for us to preserve.

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Camargue's White Gold

25m 30s

The Camargue Biosphere Reserve in the French Mediterranean rivers is a wetland of international importance known as Ramsar by the UNESCO. This beautiful land is the home of an incredibly diverse nature.

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Yvan Bourgnon - 70'

1h 09m

In 2015, the Swiss skipper Yvan Bourgnon - a regular offshore racer and winner of the Transat Jacques Vabre in 1997 alongside his brother Laurent - completed the first around the world solo voyage in a cabin-less catamaran the size of a beach yacht, "Ma Louloutte". 220 days and 55,000 km at sea, with no protection from the elements. To find his way across the world’s oceans, he decided to navigate the old way, using a sextant.

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Tornado hunters 2

1h 13m

This documentary follows the scientific journey of 4 French hunters who travelled Tornado Alley for a month between the 8th of May and June 6th, 2015. Their aim was not only to chase tornadoes, but, first and foremost, to meet the scientists and the many people who, in the heart of America, are trying to predict these events and protect the population from the force and suddenness of the most violent weather phenomenon on the planet.

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