For TVP UK Documentary channel

Hotel 128, Street Art in Immersion

52m 11s

In the midst of the Bourbonnais countryside, one finds a most extraordinary place: Street Art City. Unique of its kind, it is the only art residency in the world solely dedicated to street art. The 128 Hotel is certainly the main reason of the residency aura: every year artists are invited to occupy the 128 rooms of the huge building and transform each one of them into their own personal universe.

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The Invention of French Luxury

52m 28s

Glassware, curtains, porcelain: this is what has made France a benchmark for luxury. This documentary is an immersion in the fascinating origins of this industry, from an economic, scientific and cultural point of view.

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Cocteau, I’ll Stay with You

52m 29s

This fresh and unique approach of Jean Cocteau’s life, unveils both the man and the artist. Through Cocteau’s influence on contemporary artists we will discover Cocteau’s modernity. Each one will tell us about one period of the poet’s life, one artistic field in which he excelled. Director Arnaud Xainte created a set to evoke Cocteau’s fairy tale and surrealist atmosphere: shadows, set inside the set,apparitions/disparitions of characters, etc.

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53m 00s

In a remote region of Peru, every December 25th, men, women and children fight to maintain their tradition.In these isolated mountains in the heart of the Peruvian Andes, among the illuminated Christmas trees, cribs and figurines, a five hundred year old tradition is perpetuated to settle conflicts: here, as a gift, every Christmas, friends, neighbours, enemies and acquaintances deliberately dispense the blows they have been withholding during the year.

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The Work Of Poster Artist : Signed Landi

54m 00s

The poster as an object was born at the same time as the cinema, and as the cinema became an industry, producers and distributors appropriated it and placed it under their control.Providing us with our first view of a film, the poster advertises it outside a theatre and tries, with varying degrees of skill, to lure the audience inside.

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Roller Coasters

55m 35s

The incredible giant iron skeletons that populate amusement parks defy the laws of physics for millions of passengers each year across the globe.Starting with the first attractions in Russia 4 centuries ago, this documentary traces the historical and technological evolution of these “terror tracks”, which are constantly evolving in order to generate new and extreme levels of excitement.

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1h 34m

The documentary “Largo” proposes to go through Largo Winch's creation, a successful French-Belgian comic strip series.Through the past 15 years, the main character, Largo Winch, a young billionaire wearing jeans who live amazing adventures, allowed the comic books series to become a best seller : up to 500 000 albums are sold yearly.

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Fashioning Religion

52m 14s

How are religious garbs conceived and made? In what way do they reflect the Christian cult regarding the aesthetic of the suavitas of the Church Fathers? This film delves into this passionate, yet little-known, bond between the liturgical world and the contemporary artistic world. The medieval inspirations of Filippo Sorcinelli, the rainbow of Jean-Charles de Castelbajac and the Art Deco chasubles of the Sain-Wandrille monks all embody these combined impetuses in search of beauty.

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Between Sky and Earth - When hip hop becomes art

53m 25s

Hip hop dance first began in the streets when dancers attracted passing audiences with their acrobatic moves and turned hip hop into a worldwide cultural phenomenon. Yet, all over the world, hip hop crews are still largely ignored by the official art scene and denied opportunites to perform on national stages – except perhaps in France.

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I Will Dance In Spite Of It All

58m 01s

"I Will Dance In Spite Of It All" is a journey through modern Tunisia, that exposes the contradictions and recent fractures of the country, particularly due to the development of a new Islamist current. It is a story about dance, cinema and the human body. A story of freedom, guided by Bahri, Sandra and Selma. Although their paths are different, they all use the same weapon: art.

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