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Ayurveda : The way of life

51m 36s

Ayurvedic medicine is attracting more and more Westerners by its philosophy and its natural approach to health. Dating back more than 3,500 years and transmitted through sacred texts, it is recognized by the World Health Organization. Can this discipline be part of the long term and its practice in Western countries? Investigation.

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A Crazy Hope

52m 30s

This crazy dream belongs to a man who almost lost his mind, and who, having recovered from his own illness, has devoted himself to helping the poorest of Africa’s sick: the insane.In the big cities of Africa, the mentally ill can be seen wandering the streets, yelling and shouting, often completely naked and feeding here and there on waste. In the countryside, their helpless families respond by chaining them to trees, so that they cannot leave, hurt anyone or disappear.

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Humeur liquide … être(s) bipolaires

53m 32s

Bipolarity is a serious psychiatric illness that affects 1% of the French population. Known by all, very little understood, the pathology carries a number of received ideas and deserves a light in order to twist the neck in particular that of being a "fun" disease. 20% of bipolar people die by suicide, and globally a bipolar has a life expectancy of 20 years less than an average subject. Not really fun in reality!

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Trisomy: Between Scientific Research and Reality

52m 02s

This documentary proposes to take us to the discovery of Down's syndrome "from both sides of the mirror". Down's syndrome, daily life of nearly 70 000 families in France (400 000 in Europe)... and Down's syndrome, object of research, and major challenge for a considerable number of scientific teams...

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