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Le Grand Charles

56m 50s

The only French and European aircraft carrier, the Charles de Gaulle is a veritable floating and autonomous city, capable of bringing French nuclear deterrence to all the seas of the globe. Immediate boarding with its 2000 inhabitants, soldiers and crew members.

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A l'école de l'engagement : Les Parachutistes

50m 40s

In order to adapt to the forms of combat that appeared in the early 2000s, specific training centers for those engaged were created. Paratroopers from the four components of the French Army receive intense training at the Airborne Troop School (ETAP) in Pau, in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques. Trainees agreed to be filmed.

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Des Hommes d'Honneur - Sauvetage à Haut Risque : Montagne

26m 40s

They are a handful of men and women who risk their lives every day to save the lives of others. Discovery of the specialized rescue units of the Ministry of Defense. These high-risk rescue specialists carry out 50,000 interventions per year to help 65,000 victims. The High Mountain Gendarmerie Platoon intervenes on different sites: ice cascades, rapids, underground ... A dangerous job, but not as much as the behavior of some mountain people...

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Air Force : The Sky Warriors

1h 29m

Elite corps of the French army, 56,000 men make up the ranks of the top secret Air Force. What are the precise missions of these soldiers? Air defense, public service missions, operations abroad: yesterday in Ivory Coast, they ensured the safety of the inhabitants during the crisis which divided the country. Today in Mali, they are an integral part of Operation Serval.

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