Ayurveda : The way of life

51m 36s

Ayurvedic medicine is attracting more and more Westerners by its philosophy and its natural approach to health. Dating back more than 3,500 years and transmitted through sacred texts, it is recognized by the World Health Organization. Can this discipline be part of the long term and its practice in Western countries? Investigation.

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Head For The Horizon!

1h 00m

Want to start the day smoothly? The California skyline will become your new awakening. As the lapping waves wake you up from sleep, the sunrise warms and calms you.

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A little ocean air

3h 00m

In the dark, your hearing is increased tenfold. Each ripple in the water turns into a relaxing sound and the rolling waves into a gentle tone. Your consciousness is always swinging a little more towards sleep.

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