All for the money

All for the money

Foul Play

54m 51s

Foul Play takes us into the shady world of football match fixing across Asia, where government officials and corporate club owners conspire to ensure that the outcome of the game is determined long before the whistle blows. We follow the story of Simon McMenemy – an English football coach parachuted in to save an Indonesian team after shooting to fame in the Philippines managing their national team.

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97% Owned

1h 43m

When money drives almost all activity on the planet, it’s essential that we understand it. Yet simple questions often get overlooked – questions like: Where does money come from? Who creates it? Who decides how it gets used? And what does that mean for the millions of ordinary people who suffer when money and finance breaks down?97% Owned is a new documentary that reveals how the creation of credit and the mystery that surrounds it, is at the root of our current social and economic crisis.

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Money for Nothing: Inside the Federal Reserve

1h 37m

Nearly 100 years after its creation, the power of the U.S. Federal Reserve has never been greater. Markets and governments around the world hold their breath in anticipation of the Fed Chairman’s every word. Yet the average person knows very little about the most powerful - and least understood - financial institution on earth.

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The World According to Amazon

52m 42s

It’s a global empire run by the world’s richest man. Amazon, the world’s top online retailer, has revolutionised the global economy and the flow of goods. How does this hidden empire work? Who is Jeff Bezos, its iconoclastic boss? What is the essence of this company as it prepares to completely transform capitalism in the twenty-first century? We speak to Amazon employees, from workers to executives, who describe a model that they have experienced from the inside.

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Data Mining The Deceased

56m 50s

More than half of North Americans are fascinated by genealogy. Some gain a sense of identity by uncovering their ancestors, their culture, and their country of origin. Others find it disorienting when they discover that their history differs from what they have always believed. But there is another side to the rise in genealogy that goes beyond human interest. It is arguably the largest historical enterprise in the world, driven by big religion, big business and big technology.

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Inside the Storm | Season 1 | Kodak

48m 17s

It was a household brand with profits in the millions, but in 2005 Kodak filed for bankruptcy. So what went so horribly wrong ? Inside The Storm: Lessons from the Boardroom interviews the people directly involved, uncovering the decisions and the mistakes that led to the collapse of the iconic company.

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A Plastic Surgery: Coca-Cola hidden secrets

53m 05s

Every second, another ten tons of plastic is produced. 10% of all plastic produced ends up in the oceans, leading to predictions that, by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the sea. Faced with this global scourge, more and more businesses are promising to recycle, including the Coca-Cola Company, a group that sells 4000 plastic bottles around the world every second.

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Inside the Storm | Season 1 | Kingfisher Airlines

47m 28s

The progeny of billionaire Vijay Mallya, Kingfisher Airlines was expected to fly the good times forever. But in 2012, its operation permit was suspended. Inside The Storm: Lessons from the Boardroom talks to ex-employees and experts, revealing how a billion dollar company was brought to its knees.

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Inside the Storm | Season 1 | Lehman Brothers

46m 29s

In 2008, the collapse of Lehman Brothers was the biggest bankruptcy in history, sending shockwaves throughout the global financial market. This final episode tells the story of what went wrong within America's oldest investment bank, and how it devastated even the common man in Asia.

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Inside the Storm | Season 1 | Barings Bank

45m 22s

Britain's oldest bank, Barings Brothers had a reputation for security - but in 1995, it became an emblem of scandal. Inside The Storm: Lessons from the Boardroom gets the inside story from Nick Leeson, the man who lost over a billion dollars and sent shockwaves through the world of banking.

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The Chocolate Diet - A Scientific Hoax Goes Viral

53m 15s

This film investigates how the multi-billion-dollar weight-loss industry systematically buys scientific research and uses it in its favor. Results based on questionable short-term studies find their way into respected publications and motivate physicians to prescribe such diets to their patients. When the film's producers publish their own study, which is so absurd no one should take it seriously, they realize the extent to which people will believe anything that claims to be scientific.

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