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The Agatha Christie Code

50m 01s

Agatha Christie’s novels have been translated into 44 languages and sold in 103 countries. After Shakespeare, she is the world’s best selling author in any genre with over 2 billion books sold. On the 75th anniversary of the creation of one of her most famous characters, the immortal spinster sleuth Miss Marple, comes a brand new documentary. In a game of sleuth and deduction it sets out to solve one of the greatest puzzles; just what makes Agatha Christie such a successful writer?

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Cocteau, I’ll Stay with You

52m 29s

This fresh and unique approach of Jean Cocteau’s life, unveils both the man and the artist. Through Cocteau’s influence on contemporary artists we will discover Cocteau’s modernity. Each one will tell us about one period of the poet’s life, one artistic field in which he excelled. Director Arnaud Xainte created a set to evoke Cocteau’s fairy tale and surrealist atmosphere: shadows, set inside the set,apparitions/disparitions of characters, etc.

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First World War and graphic novels

52m 30s

Where do the soul-searching images of the First World War come from? Not merely telling the war, but seeing it, showing it in flesh and blood: this is what graphic novels offer us today. Exploring archives and history, the authors in this program converse with the depth of Time. They make First World War live again in our imagination: their drawings are more than strokes. These major artists have made the War the main subject of their graphic tales.

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1h 34m

The documentary “Largo” proposes to go through Largo Winch's creation, a successful French-Belgian comic strip series.Through the past 15 years, the main character, Largo Winch, a young billionaire wearing jeans who live amazing adventures, allowed the comic books series to become a best seller : up to 500 000 albums are sold yearly.

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Alexandre Dumas, The Flamoyant

52m 01s

Alexandre Dumas is one of the most prolific writers of his time, with an exceptional romantic sense. At the center of a veritable "novel workshop", reinventing the history of France, he is the "showrunner" of his soap opera, infusing his energy into characters and situations often drawn from his own life.

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