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Andy Warhol, Fluorescent

42m 37s

A documentary on the legendary creator and victim of pop art. Warhol, revolutionary and controversial, was never afraid to break the mold and reshape the reals of art, advertising, and directing. But who was the real man being behind the colors in which he hid? Was it the art or the fame that controlled and spawned his unique creativity? Sabbatical Entertainment takes an in-depth look at the life and works of Andy Warhol.

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The Last Caravaggio

39m 40s

In the footsteps of Caravaggio’s Nativity, the canvas of the great master stolen 50 years ago in Palermo, among mafia, art dealers up to the Lugano vaults.

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Hotel 128, Street Art in Immersion

52m 11s

In the midst of the Bourbonnais countryside, one finds a most extraordinary place: Street Art City. Unique of its kind, it is the only art residency in the world solely dedicated to street art. The 128 Hotel is certainly the main reason of the residency aura: every year artists are invited to occupy the 128 rooms of the huge building and transform each one of them into their own personal universe.

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Joan Miro, the inner fire

52m 10s

Thirty years after his death, Joan Miró has become an iconic figure in the art world. The more time passes, the more his art becomes universal, transcending borders and genres. His works live outside museums, on the walls of prestigious institutions, his influence has penetrated design, architecture and can be found in ever more unexpected places ...

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A Genuine Forger

1h 28m

He’s the master-forger, famous for duping the art world for 30 years and flooding the market with thousands of fakes. His Picassos, Matisses and Chagalls sold for millions, were authenticated by art experts and remain on the walls of many galleries and museums. But he never copied anything. Instead Guy Ribes painted pictures that could have been made by the great artists themselves. In this remarkable film, which screened in French cinemas for months, Ribes tell everything.

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Richard Hambleton - Shadowman

1h 21m

In the 1980s, Richard Hambleton was the Shadowman, a specter in the night who painted hundreds of startling silhouettes on the walls of lower Manhattan and, along with Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat, sparked the street art movement. At the height of his first commercial and critical success, Hambleton was featured in LIFE magazine and acclaimed at the Venice Biennale.

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SEGUI GranTeatro

52m 13s

Antonio Segui is an Argentine painter who has lived in Paris since the 60s. He appears alone on the screen and is the only person to speak. In his studio, in which the filming took place over 24 days, spread over 2-and-a-half years, there is only the painter and the filmmaker.François Catonné films each stroke of charcoal, each dab of colour, in an intimacy that only the cinema can grasp, as if suddenly the mystery of painting is revealed to us by the camera.

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52m 47s

Immerse yourself in the most important collective exhibition of street art ever imagined.October 2013: For one month, Paris became the world capital of street art. Neither museum nor gallery, an apartment building doomed to destruction became home to the biggest collective exhibition ever imagined.

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VELICKOVIC large drawing

27m 10s

In this film we see the artist, alone with the filmmaker, working on a very large drawing, 225x165cm in size. He begins it in the whiteness of the immense canvas covered with paper, the filmmaker following his work through to completion. Velickovic talks about himself as he draws. He reflects out loud on the composition of the work and the elements he's drawing, sharing his doubts, reflecting on the progress of the drawing and its composition.

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The Work Of Poster Artist : Signed Landi

54m 00s

The poster as an object was born at the same time as the cinema, and as the cinema became an industry, producers and distributors appropriated it and placed it under their control.Providing us with our first view of a film, the poster advertises it outside a theatre and tries, with varying degrees of skill, to lure the audience inside.

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From the Neighbourhoods | Art.

1h 03m

Artists from the west side of Buenos Aires tell us about their lives connected to art, where they deal with topics as the neverending learning, the legacy of their masters, the influence of the neighbourhood, their similarites and differences, the economic difficulties of their artistic activities and the necesity of being appreciated. These are some of the subjects that build this particular view of a group of artists-neighbours from the west side of the city.

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True or False?

45m 15s

It is the most serious scandal ever hitting the modern art market. An affair that has made experts and auction houses tremble and has re-proposed the ghost of forgery. The facts date back to 2017 in Genoa, where an exhibition dedicated to the painter Amedeo Modigliani from Livorno was closed by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which put 21 paintings out of the 60 on display under seizure.

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Peckinpah Suite

1h 05m

35 years after her death, Lupita travels for the first time to Livingston, the small town in Montana where, after several professional failures, her father decided to retire. A physical journey, but, above all, an emotional journey in which she will rekindle memories and discover unknown aspects of the life of a man, her father, who has inspired countless legends.

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