Rotana Recommends


Zaki Chan

1h 49m

Trouble follows Zaki wherever he goes, until he finds out that his father's boss needs a bodyguard for his kids and he decides to apply for the job even though he doesn't really fit the requirements.

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1h 55m

Ahmed Galal, who's preparing for his wedding, discovers that he's living the same day he spent yesterday, where the day repeats itself with different events. He finds himself trapped in one day and can't escape from it.

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1h 42m

Nour Kabbani is a tour guide who goes with his family to Sharm el-Sheikh, taking advantage of the company's offer to spend the honeymoon in order to meet an Italian girl named Perla. He finds a girl called Layla who lives in the same villa. Nour's family plot with Layla to ruin Nour's plans with Perla.

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Bread seller

2h 04m

A husband dies,leaving his wife Khadija and their two children, Nemat and Sami behind. Khadija is arrested for burning the factory where her husband was working. She gets mad and is hospitalized for 10 years until she regains her memory and begins a journey to find her children.

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Empire M

1h 44m

After the death of her husband, Mona (Faten Hamama) is raising her six kids besides her work. Mona Gradually falls in love with businessman Ahmed (Ahmed Mazhar), but doesn't give in to her feelings easily because she's torn apart between her devotion to her children, and her future with Ahmed.

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Toot Toot

1h 30m

(Karima) a mentally handicapped girl is exploited by people who make her do hard work, until a wealthy man uses her,then leaves her pregnant in the streets. How will she survive?

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