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The Dealer

2h 04m

An old feud between Ali and Youssef leaves Youssef in jail in Egypt, and Ali emigrates to the Ukraine with his new wife and Youssef's ex-girlfriend, Samah.Both men become prominent drug dealers and destiny brings them together again, but only one will make

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My Wife and My Wifey

1h 39m

A comedy about (Ramez Galal) who marries a girl interested in women's rights , which makes her too busy and lacks interest in her marital life and that leads him to marry another woman, and he gets into many problems, and comical paradoxes that turn his life into hell.

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Walls of the Moon

1h 38m

After re-gaining her consciousness, Zeina is stupefied to find that she got blind and has lost her memory. She finds herself aboard a boat with Ahmed who gets involved in a serious boat chase with Rasheed. From her diary she slowly starts remembering the love triangle life in which she had two lovers who now seem to be in a death-inducing rivalry.

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Lovely Neighbors

1h 38m

A group of neighbors experience a series of unfortunate events caused by their children, to find themselves in a malaise of complications, but they discover that they have to cooperate in order to get out of trouble.

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The Cord

1h 41m

Maysaa and Menna both play the violin and the cello for the Cairo Symphony Orchestra. They are both accused of murdering a young musician. The murder case is investigated by “Major Mohamed Selim” whose investigation uncovers the enmity and envy between the two sisters and, moreoever, that each have their own motives for the murder.

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X Large

2h 15m

Magdy is an overweight man who suffers from loneliness, in spite of having many friends who prefer talking to him about their problems, his obesity makes them not think of him as a husband. But when he meets his childhood friend Dina, he tries to get closer to her but discovers that she took him as a case for her research in the University.

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Love and Horror

1h 28m

Dr. Hind returns from America with her child and her husband's body. She gets raped and spends the night with her former lover Ahmed and confesses to him that she has AIDS and he finds out that the virus has spread to him.

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1h 45m

(Kruanah) is a beautiful girl,she escapes her aunt's husband pursuits to attack her, and resorts to an abandoned villa to hide, to discover that it's owned by Doctor (Timor), who suffers from depression as a result of a failed medical project. He then finds out that she leukemia and events escalate.

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