New Generation


Love Station

1h 37m

A rom-com movie, that shows how people choose voluntarily to hide behind phony masks so as to cover their real personalities. The story begins with Hassan (Shereef Salama) who falls in love with Laila (Menna Shalaby), but unfortunately fall into a series of complications when each of them decides to try the phony mask theory in their relationship.

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The Son of Al-Onsol

1h 54m

The film tells the story of a notorious con-man that has been labeled “Consul” due to his abilities to forge passports and visas. However, the police catch up with “Al Qonsol” and place him under arrest.A young man also tries to convince “Al Qonsol” that he is in fact his son and is aided by a young woman. Thus, the former character is given the label “Ibn Al Qonsul” (“Consul’s son”).

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Zaki Chan

1h 49m

Trouble follows Zaki wherever he goes, until he finds out that his father's boss needs a bodyguard for his kids and he decides to apply for the job even though he doesn't really fit the requirements.

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A Break And We'll Be Back

1h 46m

A taxi driver, Araby (Karim Abdel Aziz) goes to battle with his father-in-law over the custody of his son after Araby is widowed. Though he wins custody, his son is kidnapped and Araby is attacked, losing his memory in the process.

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