Gossip Town

1h 38m

Hussein is a shy young man who is deeply in love with his beautiful cousin, Samiha. Samiha, however, is more impressed by her other out-going cousin, Lucy. To fan the flames of jealousy, Samiha's father starts a rumor that Hussein is dating the superbly beautiful actress Hind Rostom.

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The Three Devils

1h 29m

After finishing their imprisonment period the three prisoners: Sadawy, Fatouh and Azzab decide to repent and to be good figures. Azzab who intends to marry "Zeinab" heads to the fishmonger "Abdelrazik" in order to take back his vehicle, but Abdelrazik refuses to give it back. The three guys collaborate with "Hamida" who owns a fish boat in Suez against "Abdelrazik". They find a drug shipment in the vehicle believing that it belongs to "Hamida"

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I Want to Get Married

2h 01m

Singer Nour is torn between Samir and his uncle who both love her but don't want to marry her. But Nour's traditions prevents her to be in a relationship without marriage. She then meets Wahid the singer and falls in love with him.

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Mr. Bulbul

2h 12m

When Kawakeb leaves the studio during filming, her body double Batta who looks just like her takes on the role. When Kawakeb's husband suffers from a heart attack after she tells him that she is leaving with her lover, his daughter begs Batta to pretend to be Kawakeb.

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Fortune is a Promise

1h 42m

A young man who has been overwhelmed by debts, and creditors are chasing him, which makes him disguise himself as an actor who committed suicide by drowning in the Nile. At the same time, an agent of the bank, is looking for this actor to hand him the first prize he deserves.

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El-Tareek El-Masdoud

1h 57m

A young woman from the city tries to flee to the countryside, the bad reputation of her family. Despite her best efforts, her past will continue to pursue her .....

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The Nightingale's Prayer

1h 54m

When Hanadi leaves her family and works as a maid at a single engineer's house, she falls for him and gets pregnant. Believing her to defame the family's name and bring them disgrace, her uncle kills her. Her sister Amenah vows revenge against the engineer.

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Abu Haded

1h 33m

(Al-Hanash) monopolizes fishing and imposes on fishermen what he wants, and smuggles drugs in his ships and (Jaber) helps him in distributing them. Jaber kills Abu Hadid when he exposes them and bury him in his nest. Al-Hanash tries to marry Amina, Jaber's daughter, in exchange for covering up his murder (Abu Hadid), Amina refuses and falls in love with the young Hassan Ibn (Abu Hadid), Jaber refuses to marry his daughter Hassan, so she runs away with him and they marry

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The Fairest of Them All

1h 15m

Ahlahom is a poor girl who has long dreamed of social rise, she meets a cabaret owner and works as an artist. Her father is after her money,while she meets a young man and they fall in love but he doesn't agree to marry her. She returns to her old neighborhood, and the young man follows her.

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1h 20m

The story of the conflict between one of the poles of feudalism and his oppression to peasants by burning their crops and lands until they're unable to pay their debts. When Bahia's father confronts him, the feudal lord tries to rape her, but Yassin stands up to him.

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Our Best Days

1h 49m

An impoverished girl lives on the roof. Three young men live close by and they fall in love with her. They also learn that she has developed an illness which requires surgery. The three men rush to help her and one is left wondering who will succeed in helping her and who will she fall in love with?

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He Stole My Wife

1h 51m

A couple get married without falling in love. They are visited by their cousins, the wife takes this opportunity and gets closer to the husband's cousin to make him jealous. The husband also woos his wife's cousin to make her mad.

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1h 52m

Hoda is an orphan who lives with her uncle, Dr. Ibrahim, following her parents' death. Hoda is enjoying life's blessings and has a romantic relationship with Adel, but all her plans are dashed as she learns she has a brain tumor and she needs to have brain surgery.

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You are my Life

1h 48m

Samir is a hardworking man and his beloved Elham wants to help him work in the land owned by her mother, which is managed by her stepfather. But Roshdy loves Elham also and wants to get Samir out ofof the way. He plans with his mistress to implicate the stepfather in a moral scandal and extort him.

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Farewell Dance

1h 58m

A poor maid loves her wealthy young master and she becomes pregnant. The head of the family seeks to make her marry a lawless man to give the newborn girl his name. Time passes and the girl becomes a dancer in nightclubs, and falls in love with a wealthy young man who knows who is her real father .

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A Window to Paradise

1h 49m

An orphan girl from a wealthy family, living with her father, falls in love with Tawfiq who assaults her, steals her father's money and runs away . She gives birth to a daughter who turns out to be blind. She sends her to a lady to take care of her, and meets with a young man who wants to marry her.

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Prince of Cunningness

2h 10m

Hassan El Hilaly gets imprisoned without judgment after three of his enemies inform the authorities that he is planning to overthrow the Wali. In his cell he meets an old man who befriends him, and tells him the place of a treasure. The old man dies and Hassan escapes to look for the treasure.

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Buthaynh's Love

1h 32m

Landowner Mohsen falls in love with the Bedouin girl Buthaina, despite the objection of everyone. At the same time Agib, Buthaina's cousin wants to keep them apart. He gives Mohsen a drug that causes him serious fatigue.

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