Bad Boys


The price

1h 35m

(Safwat) hires (Magdy) a hardworking cab driver to assassinate the novelist (Jalal Mahmoud) on the grounds that he is an atheist,which cause him to enter a cycle of confusion. At the same time, (Dima) a Syrian refugee and Safwat's wife suffers from his cruelty and exploiting her and wants to leave him.

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3h 17m

Regatta (Amr Saad) is engaged in several illegal activities with businessman Sari (Mahmoud Hamida). Regatta gets a quarter of a million pounds in one operation, which will allow him to travel with his mother to Italy ,then he discovers the betrayal of Nasra, the wife of his brother Awad by chance.

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Abu Haded

1h 33m

(Al-Hanash) monopolizes fishing and imposes on fishermen what he wants, and smuggles drugs in his ships and (Jaber) helps him in distributing them. Jaber kills Abu Hadid when he exposes them and bury him in his nest. Al-Hanash tries to marry Amina, Jaber's daughter, in exchange for covering up his murder (Abu Hadid), Amina refuses and falls in love with the young Hassan Ibn (Abu Hadid), Jaber refuses to marry his daughter Hassan, so she runs away with him and they marry

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Farewell Dance

1h 58m

A poor maid loves her wealthy young master and she becomes pregnant. The head of the family seeks to make her marry a lawless man to give the newborn girl his name. Time passes and the girl becomes a dancer in nightclubs, and falls in love with a wealthy young man who knows who is her real father .

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