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Endless Roads

51m 45s

The visual chronicle of a road trip through Spain, 15 days, 4,300 kilometers, 7 girls, 21 longboards, and lots of fun. Because this is it: freedom, life, friendship and of course ... skate!

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Roller Derby, Track Girls

52m 19s

Roller Derby’s world is boiling. The pre-selections to be part of the French Team, the national team which will participate to the world cup in Dallas, have started. Players from all over the country meet to take their chance. The forty girls selected will train for a year. Only twenty of them will eventually go at the end of the adventure and will compete for the world cup. One year of meeting people, creating great friendships, having rants, but above all one year of Derby.

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Nomads Seeking Adventure 304 - Kitesurfing Tahiti

26m 00s

This episode of Nomads joins famous surf photographer, John Bilderback and his wife Alexis, on a kitesurfing adventure in beautiful Tahiti. Accompanied by a number of pro kitesurfers including: Sky Solbach, Kristin Boese and island native, Moehau Goold, this Tahitian adventure is set to be a breathtakingly beautiful journey for the unusual, and increasingly popular, sport of kitesurfing.

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The Blackboard

35m 53s

Award winning documentary film 'The Blackboard' was produced and directed by attorney/indie filmmaker Marquis Bradshaw. The film aims to challenge what it means to be black in America by examining the issue of acceptance within the black community through the lens of skateboarding culture. 'The Blackboard' stars prominent black pro skaters Jabari Pendleton, Karl Watson, and Ron Allen

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47m 28s

In this climbing documentary we analyze the concepts of fear, death and life. Jordi Salas (Pelón) is a free solo climber. He performs alone without using any ropes, harnesses or other protective equipment, relying entirely on his ability instead. His mind controls everything. He continues to learn throughout his progression while getting up close with life, even though it may seem paradoxical.

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41m 46s

Scotland in winter is an arena where mountaineers pit their skills against exacting climbs often in ferocious conditions. It is respected by climbers around the world. Distilled examines what makes the climbing here so potent. Andy Cave first climbed in Scotland as a teenager. This was the start of a lifelong journey for Andy, which took him from the depths of a Yorkshire coal mine to the peaks of the Himalayas.

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34m 58s

A solo bicycle and surfing journey across Bali, Nusa Lembogan, Lombok and Sumbawa. Sendiri is the Indonesian word for ‘By yourself or Alone’. Dylan decides to continue his and Rians original journey (‘Eat.Sleep.Surf’) that finished in 2009, cycling further east from Bali and exploring Nusa Lembogan, Lombok and West Sumbawa.

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Paddle to the Ocean

1h 00m

Release April 2013. “Musician Zac Crouse begins his 82-day sea kayak journey from the Ottawa Valley back home to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Crouse paddles through class IV rapids and tidal bores, down four major rivers and across the Bay of Fundy while touring his new solo album. Zac will be filming Paddle to the Ocean with the help of professional white-water kayaker/documentary film-maker Kelsey Thompson and under the guidance of established Juno-nominated film producer Aram Kouyoumdjian.

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The Warm Heart of Africa

26m 12s

Back in 2012 we had the chance to visit South Africa to film bouldering in Rocklands. While bouldering there is amazing, we could not help but ask ourselves if there was good bouldering in other parts of Africa. With only satellite imagery from Google Earth as information, we decided to bet on the small, overlooked country of Malawi. During the summer of 2014, climbers Mélissa Le Nevé and Benjamin Rueck flew to Malawi, knowing almost nothing about the country.

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Nomads Seeking Adventure 303 - Mountain Biking the Alps

25m 59s

This episode of Nomads will spend more time with Team Cannondale and riders Mick Hannah, Wayne Goss, and George Ryan as they set out on a wild ride through Europe, exploring every different aspect of mountain biking that Europe has to offer. Again, Nomads will go from the single track and big dirt jumps, to meeting with dealers, going to trade shows and meeting the fans. This journey will truly allow the viewer to dive into the life of a pro mountain biker in the home of all mountain sports.

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Nomads Seeking Adventure 307 - Freestyle Snowmobile Madness Across America

26m 00s

The world’s best freestyle snowmobilers tour in Alaska to perform for their fans. Long time pro Ryan Britt struggles to perform the death defying back flip in front of his home crowd while newcomer Nathan Moncrief copes with the struggles of being a newcomer. While touring in Alaska the whole group drives to Valdez, the home of extreme snowmobiling, for some fun in the deepest snow these flatlanders have ever seen!

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Surviving the Fundy Footpath

24m 36s

Surviving the Fundy Footpath' is an adventure doc that follows mega-novice Bruce Persaud, a city slicker from Toronto, with zero camping experience, as he attempts to complete one of Canada's toughest multi-day hikes, the treacherous Fundy Footpath. Bruce was accompanied by a team of veteran guides including 70-year-old footpath founder Alonzo Leger, his son and current trail master, Marc Leger and locally famous environmental scientist Ben Phillips.

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17m 04s

Francisco Marin, also known as “Novato” (“Rookie” in Spanish), is a 61-year-old climber and the only known person in the world to climb at this level at his age. He reached his maximum sporting achievement on 24th September 2012, when he sent "Geminis", an 8b+ (5.14a) line, and nowadays he has “Florida” as a project, an impressive 8c (5.14b) route. All of them are located in Rodellar, Spain.

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My Playground

50m 39s

The film explores the way Parkour and Freerunning is changing the perception of urban space and how the space is changing the traceurs and free runners. Mainly set in Copenhagen the film follows the making of the first dedicated parkour park in the world. Designed by the danish team, Team JiYo.

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Backstreet Atlas

22m 26s

Zach was born in Boston, Adam in New York. They met over a decade ago through a shared love of skateboarding. One summer, they skated from Boston to New York. Using a network of friends, friends of friends, and strangers they skated from town to town and filmed everything along the way in order to rediscover their small part of the world. Backstreet Atlas is part documentary, part skate video, and part modern urban travelogue. Good trips, times, and people aren't hard to come by.

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19m 33s

Altai - An Unexpected Fortune' - In Spring 2014 the Austrian and German ski alpinists David Pitschmann, Fabian Lentsch, Joi Hoffmann, Michael Trojer and Jakob Schweighofer headed to the remote Russian Altai Mountains in hope to discover a skier's paradise. After a long travel they found themselves again in a tiny woodshed at the sidelines of a Russian farmers' village called Kurai, having no idea what is going to happen next.

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Crossing Iceland

52m 00s

Jerome Josserand is a professional snow kiter. In 2007 he set the world record for the highest kite flight. It was 450 m above the ground. Jerome is in love with wind and its power to use it to mount high mountains. His home is a place called Col du Lautaret which is also his playground. On his way he found Iceland. He noticed that there is snow and wind all the time. And he thought:”

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Shifting Ice + Changing Tides

30m 09s

‘Shifting Ice and Changing Tides’ is a human and wind powered, female led, ski and sail expedition to the west coast of Greenland. In this remote, fascinating and beautiful region, six women will explore and ski first descents while limiting their environmental footprint by sailing and climbing.

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Deeper - The Adventure of Ultra Deep Diving

52m 08s

There are more people who have walked on the surface of the Moon than people who have dived below a depth of 800 feet. Pascal Bernabé is one of them. In 1996, still unknown to the public, he accepts to dive 577 feet deep to bring back two robots trapped in a cave. The mission is a success. But Pascal wants more, he becomes addicted to ultra-deep diving. Soon, he makes a new successful attempt to go below 660 feet.

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Go Fast. Go North.

1h 39m

The Race2Alaska is one of adventure racing's greatest competitions - challenging mariners to navigate 750 miles of BC's most infamous waterways by human or wind power alone. The rules are simple: no motors (no, not even as a safety precaution), no outside help or support, first boat over the line wins... Follow Team Hot Mess, a group of 4 young sailors from BC, as they race the elements, and 46 other teams, to Ketchikan, Alaska.

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281 Days

50m 10s

In March 2007, Dutch adventurist Ralph Tuijn attempted to become the first person to row solo across the Pacific Ocean unassisted. Departing from Callao Peru, and leaving his wife and daughter behind for more than nine months, Ralph faced the effects of La Nina, a broken water-maker, and rotten food provisions – leaving him with little or no food or fresh water in the middle of the Pacific Ocean

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Life Line

52m 23s

Taïg Khris in total immersion in the universe of the Slackline ! This sport consists of crossing a webbing line a few centimetres thick suspended between two points above the ground.Andy Lewis, world champion and an emblematic figure in the sport, plays host to Taïg in Moab, Utah and shares his daily routine with him.

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The Deepest man on Earth

52m 50s

The Austrian freediver, Herbert Nitsch, defies the depths of the ocean and goes from one amazing feat to another. He has held the world record for freediving since 2007: - 214 meters! Alexander Abela, who is also a freediver, shadowed him for many months while he trained, and also during international competitions in Greece and the Bahamas. In order to reach these extreme depths, Herbert draws on the breathing techniques of marine mammals and forces himself to do hours of training every day.

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