Scotch! The Story of Whisky | Episode 1

50m 55s

In episode one, the vast scale of the Scotch industry is revealed – here is a drink which reaches 175 countries across the world, with all the lucrative revenue that implies. Drinks giant Diageo provide the backdrop for a demonstration of how, logistically, such a behemoth of an industry operates. Surprisingly, their work is routed in centuries-old crafts – in intriguing, dramatic sequences, the work of coppersmiths and coopers is brought to screen. Ditto Springbank distillery in Campbeltown where traditional whisky-making is seen, from barley-malting to bottling. The seminal role of blended whiskies comes to the fore, too. We hear of the Victorian pioneers who took blends across the globe, and how a crisis in French vineyards and later the handiwork of Al Capone helped Scotch become the world’s number one spirit. Past events led to a modern blending industry we now see up-close. It is rooted in science, as, increasingly, seems to be all Scotch: next, we witness university students studying for a distilling degree.